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November 9, 2023

Acton Capital Raises €225M Fund VI to Propel Europe & Canada's Sustainability

Just marked a milestone with the successful closure of its Fund VI, amassing an impressive €225 million

In a significant move within the European venture capital landscape, Acton Capital, a longstanding player in the field, has just closed its Fund VI at a formidable €225 million. This marks the largest sum ever raised by the German VC, demonstrating its commitment to nurturing and supporting early-stage companies. Acton Capital's focus is clear: they're looking to champion startups that are not only ambitious but also deeply rooted in sustainable growth strategies based on proven business models. With this recent feat, Acton Capital's total capital injection into the startup ecosystem nears the impressive €1 billion mark.

The managing partner at Acton Capital, Dominik Alvermann, highlights the rationale behind their approach, emphasizing the need for sustained and sensible growth. "At Acton, we have always focused on growth that is driven by reason rather than short-term momentum. We are launching Fund VI in a market environment where this approach is more crucial than ever. In the current market cycle, the need to balance an attractive growth profile and solid financial fundamentals will be of paramount importance," says Alvermann.

Their dedication to founders and their high-conviction investment approach sets Acton Capital apart in the venture capital market. Julius Lühr, a Principal at Acton Capital, shares their ethos: "Acton Fund VI will continue to represent what we believe to be the best risk-aligned investment approach in the venture capital market for founders."

Acton Fund VI is already in action, having made several initial investments:

  1. Henchman (Belgium): An AI-driven knowledge tool for lawyers that optimizes and digitizes legal professionals' workflows.
  2. Klaus (Estonia): A quality assurance solution that helps enterprises enhance their revenue through excellence in customer service.
  3. ECO Group (Germany): A platform for purpose-driven eco-brands to connect with consumers through a curated selection of healthy and environmentally conscious home and beauty products.
  4. Seatti (Germany): Developer of hybrid workforce management software that organizes office space in a hybrid environment while fostering team collaboration.
  5. Skribble (Switzerland): The leading Swiss e-signature service that enables a seamless digital document workflow, fully compliant with the highest EU and Swiss standards.

Acton Capital, with its rich history dating back to 1999, has played a pivotal role in supporting nearly 100 companies, guiding them towards market leadership. Among its success stories are names like Mambu, HomeToGo, SoSafe, Knix, Vimcar, Zooplus, Audibene, AlphaSights, Etsy, Clio, and Mytheresa. These startups have all benefited from Acton Capital's unwavering commitment to fostering sustainable and meaningful growth.

Josefina Dipaolo
Josefina Dipaolo
Content writer at TechNews180
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