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August 31, 2023

Adsorbi: Revolutionizing Indoor Air Quality with Sustainable Solutions

Breathing Worry: Indoor Air Quality's Deadly Toll – Three Million Lives Lost in 2020

Indoor air pollution is a grave concern, impacting health and artifacts alike. Swedish startup Adsorbi tackles the issue with a breakthrough cellulose-based air purification material, backed by significant funding and a team of visionary investors.

As the World Health Organization underscores the criticality of indoor air quality, Adsorbi emerges. Inhabitants of developed nations spend a considerable chunk of their time indoors, making air quality paramount. Moreover, businesses relying on pristine air, such as museums and art galleries, depend on it to safeguard invaluable artifacts.

Adsorbi, founded in 2022, stems from a team of ingenious university researchers and seasoned business developers. Their solution is an eco-friendly material derived from renewable wood resources. This material possesses remarkable efficacy in capturing and storing indoor air pollutants that pose a threat to respiratory well-being.

With this pioneering material at the core, Adsorbi has secured a substantial €360K in seed funding from notable backers like Metsä Spring, Chalmers Ventures, and Jovitech Invest. This injection of capital fuels further research into innovative applications, as well as amplifies sales efforts for odor removal and art preservation.

Hanna Johansson, the co-founder and CEO of Adsorbi, enthuses about the aligned vision of their investors. "Our patented material can be used wherever air pollutants are a problem – in air filters, products that remove bad odors, and in museums to protect works of art. This means we can tackle several significant markets with one unique material."

Niklas von Weymarn, CEO of Metsä Spring, emphasizes the company's commitment to sustainable innovation, stating, "With Adsorbi in our portfolio, we are yet another step closer to removing fossil-based materials from everyday products."

Adsorbi’s cellulose-based material, rooted in sustainably harvested wood, revolutionizes the air purification landscape. Unlike conventional activated carbon, this solution is customizable, efficient, and eco-friendly. Its range of applications spans from air filters to odor removal products, promising a breath of fresh air for both individuals and industries alike.

Neil Hodgson Coyle
Neil Hodgson-Coyle
Editorial chief at TechNews180
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