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August 9, 2023

AI Pioneer Persist AI Secures $4M to Redefine Pharma Landscape

Persist AI Rockets: $4M Boost, Funding led by 2048 Ventures, Innospark Ventures, Fellows Fund, YCombinator, and More Investors

In the heart of San Francisco, where innovation's pulse is felt with every beat, Persist AI emerges as a beacon of transformation. As a formidable AI-driven drug formulation startup, they have just inked a triumphant $4 million financing round, riding the wave of success following their graduation from the renowned YCombinator accelerator. With the backing of industry titans, Persist AI's disruptive prowess aims to reshape the pharmaceutical world, carving a path to faster, more efficient drug development that holds the potential to rewrite the rules of patient care.

In a world where traditional pharmaceutical formulation dances to a five-year cadence, Persist AI bursts onto the scene with AI-driven automation. They have managed to cut down drug formulation development by a staggering 50%, condensing what was once a half-decade journey into a mere two years. CEO Karthik Raman's declaration, "We complete microsphere pre-formulation for clients in weeks, not years," is a testament to the velocity of innovation that pulses within Persist AI's veins.

Persist AI's long-acting injectable formulations are brought to life through the seamless choreography of automated development. With AI models as their guiding stars, Persist AI works on the edge of prediction, foreseeing formulations that gradually release drugs within the body. As the curtain rises on this revolutionary act, the number of injections patients require stands poised for a dramatic reduction.

Their AI-driven marvels a revolution that spans therapeutic domains, optimizing and crafting formulations that bridge efficiency and patient well-being. As Innospark Ventures' Partner, Matt Fates, rightly notes, "We are proud to support their vision and contribute to their success."

Persist AI's journey is a mesmerizing odyssey of innovation and dedication. With AI's guiding hand and the roar of success resonating from their $4 million financing, they march ahead to revolutionize the pharmaceutical realm. From high-throughput formulation screening to manufacturing scale-up, Persist AI stands tall, unraveling challenges and breathing new life into patient outcomes. As we bid adieu to the traditional and embrace the digital dawn, Persist AI's journey continues, promising a crescendo of advancement.

Josefina Dipaolo
Neil Hodgson-Coyle
Content Writer at TechNews180
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