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September 1, 2023

AI-Powered Voxel Secures $30M to Shield Industrial Workers

Revolutionizing Workplace Safety: Battle Against Workplace Injuries Won, AI's Triumph in Industrial Operations

Every year, a staggering 340 million workers experience workplace injuries that range from slips and falls to vehicular collisions. In the heart of the US, sectors like manufacturing, logistics, and physical operations are the backbone of the economy, where 25 million individuals drive 40% of the nation's GDP. Yet, this industrious output is not without its setbacks—workplace injuries and operational inefficiencies persist as challenges.

Enter a new era, where artificial intelligence pioneers change in the realm of environment, health, and safety (EHS) within industrial domains. The vanguard of this transformation is Voxel, a California-based AI startup poised to reshape workplace safety and operations using the marvel of computer vision.

In a recent milestone, Voxel secured a game-changing $12 million strategic funding round, led by manufacturing powerhouse Rite-Hite. Esteemed participants include Eclipse Ventures, the visionary backers of Forsight Robotics and Decentriq, alongside Mtech. This infusion propels Voxel's total funding to a substantial $30 million.

This investment heralds an era of enhanced workplace safety and lives saved. CEO and co-founder of Voxel, Alex Senemar, articulates the significance: "AI is saving lives. Our technology has significantly reduced injuries and saved lives. Our approach will forge workplaces where safety standards and productivity goals no longer clash. The future of work is about achieving more, safely and purposefully."

Micaela Bomhack, CEO at Rite-Hite, echoes the sentiment: "Rite-Hite is dedicated to enhancing global industrial safety, security, and productivity through quality and innovation. We've witnessed firsthand the transformative impact of Voxel's technology on workers and workplaces. We're thrilled to continue paving the way for future workplace safety alongside the Voxel team."

Founded in 2020 by Alex Senemar, Anurag Kanungo, Harishma Dayanidhi, and Troy Carlson, Voxel embodies a cutting-edge integration of computer vision into existing security camera networks. This innovation empowers the detection of hazards, risky behaviors, and operational inefficiencies across diverse workplaces.

Once risks—like near-miss vehicle incidents, blocked exits, improper ergonomics, or spills—are identified, real-time alerts are dispatched to on-site personnel, enabling immediate interventions. Voxel's analytics go further, aiding in the identification of operational hitches and the formulation of preemptive policies. These proactive measures lead to substantial reductions in worker's compensation and general liability costs, accompanied by operational improvements.

Voxel's commitment to ethics is evident in its AI approach. A strict policy against facial recognition and individual identification safeguards workers' privacy. This approach stands as a testament to Voxel's conscientious approach to AI deployment. Drawing from years of experience crafting AI solutions for industrial giants across America, Voxel provides its customers with ethically-driven guidance on integrating AI into workplaces.

The impact is undeniable. Workplace injuries slashed by up to 80%. Operational efficiency dramatically improved. Fortune 500 titans like Michael's, Dollar Tree, Clorox, PPG Industries, and Office Depot are already gaining the advantages of Voxel's transformative platform.

Neil Hodgson Coyle
Neil Hodgson-Coyle
Editorial chief at TechNews180
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