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Aikido Raises $17M Series A for Developer-Centric Security Platform

Aikido, a small startup based in Ghent, Belgium, the startup secured a $17 million Series A funding round
May 1, 2024

With the increasing importance of data security for every startup, Belgian startup Aikido, based in Ghent, believes it has found the answer. Aiming to simplify security for developers, Aikido has just raised a significant $17 million Series A funding round to expand its innovative open-source security platform.

Startups and developers often find themselves struggling with complicated security tools, but Aikido is changing that narrative with its no-nonsense, developer-facing security platform. Founder and CTO, Willem Delbare, describes Aikido as the "no BS" platform, providing an open-source and freemium model to ensure flexibility, speed, and affordability for its users.

Aikido's approach stands out from competitors like Snyk, which shifted its focus to larger enterprises, leaving a gap for startups and smaller businesses. Aikido's user-centered platform has already attracted 3,000 small-to-midsize customers, leading to this significant Series A funding led by European venture firm Singular.

Unlike many U.S. and Israeli security startups, Aikido is not following the typical acquisition playbook. Delbare stresses that Aikido's focus is on its customer base and revenue, not just on fixing a specific feature gap. The company is committed to making security more accessible and less overwhelming for developers.

Aikido's success demonstrates a growing demand for developer-centric security solutions in the ever-expanding data security market. With the backing of a $17 million Series A funding, Aikido is well-positioned to further develop its platform and address the evolving security challenges faced by startups and developers. As security risks continue to evolve rapidly, Aikido's innovative approach promises to simplify the security landscape for developers, providing a much-needed solution in an increasingly complex digital world.

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