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August 29, 2023

Aily Labs: Shaping Tomorrow's Decisions with €19M Series A Boost

German Tech Pioneer Aily Labs Secures €19M in Series A Funding for AI-Powered Decision Intelligence App

In a significant stride towards advancing enterprise decision-making, German tech trailblazer Aily Labs has successfully raised €19 million in a Series A funding round. Spearheaded by global software investor Insight Partners, this strategic infusion propels Aily Labs' mission to democratize AI-powered decision intelligence across global businesses.

Aily Labs has been a self-fueled force of innovation until this juncture. With this newfound backing, the company sets its sights on scaling operations, expanding its footprint in the US, catalyzing advancements in digital solutions, and applying GenAI.

Bianca Anghelina, the visionary founder and CEO of Aily Labs, underlines the transformative essence of AI in its app. "AI sparks innovation at lightning pace and lies at the core of our product. The agility to seamlessly integrate our app can be as swift as one day, ushering in instant data transparency across the organizational spectrum," she shares. Anghelina adds, "Empowering business users with AI is reshaping operational paradigms, enhancing efficiencies, and accelerating outcomes. We are elated to have Insight Partners by our side as we steer towards becoming the premier AI decision intelligence platform."

Hilary Gosher, Managing Director at Insight Partners, affirms Aily Labs' pivotal role in the future of decision-making. "Aily Labs is redefining the landscape of decision-making by establishing a unified source of truth for cross-enterprise data. This empowers individuals, from analysts to top-tier executives, with real-time AI-driven insights and dynamic 'what-if' scenarios for more informed business choices," Gosher states. She acknowledges the remarkable ROI that existing clients have achieved through unparalleled visibility and access to insights.

Founded in 2020 by Bianca Anghelina and Sara Bisbe in Germany, Aily Labs introduces a mobile-first AI decision intelligence app that revolutionizes how global businesses track performance and steer commercial decisions. Through a seamlessly integrated 360° view of enterprise data and cutting-edge AI/ML techniques, the app furnishes users at all levels with real-time insights to make well-informed, instantaneous decisions.

Aily Labs' mission transcends technological innovation; it aims to reshape work dynamics by empowering enterprises with impactful AI. Guided by a team of seasoned digital specialists and data scientists, the company accelerates the digital transformation journey for major global organizations.

The endorsement of Aily Labs' potential is evidenced by swift adoption and support from influential global brands like Sanofi. The pharmaceutical giant's rollout of the app underscores the app's efficacy in providing a comprehensive view of all business activities, facilitating its widespread digital transformation. By harnessing AI, Aily Labs equips Sanofi's decision-makers with actionable insights that accelerate drug discovery, elevate clinical trial design, and optimize manufacturing and supply processes.

Josefina Dipaolo
Josefina Dipaolo
Content Writer at TechNews180
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