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October 3, 2023

AlphaSense Secures $150M in Series E Funding to Fuel AI-Powered Market Intelligence

The dynamic New York-based market intelligence and search platform, has secured an impressive $150M in Series E funding

AlphaSense, a New York-based market intelligence and search platform, has successfully raised $150 million in its Series E funding round. The lead investor in this round is BOND, with participation from existing backers, including Alphabet’s CapitalG, Viking Global Investors, and Goldman Sachs. This funding has propelled AlphaSense to a valuation of $2.5 billion, marking significant growth since its $225 million Series D funding round in 2022.

The influx of capital will empower AlphaSense to expand its enterprise solution, leveraging its AI-driven search capabilities, specialized market intelligence, financial language models (LLMs), and GenAI functionalities within customers’ private clouds. Moreover, the funds will be allocated to bolster its repository of searchable business content and pursue strategic acquisitions aimed at enhancing its platform capabilities.

Jay Simons, General Partner at BOND, expressed his confidence in AlphaSense's role as a trailblazing technology company that is reshaping the future of business. He emphasized how AlphaSense delivers precise insights and data to facilitate informed, strategic decisions.

Jack Kokko, CEO and Founder of AlphaSense, voiced his excitement about BOND's investment, highlighting how the additional capital will enable AlphaSense to lead the generative AI revolution in its industry. He reaffirmed their mission to provide businesses with the right data and insights for confident and agile decision-making.

Norman Chen, Partner at BAM Elevate, endorsed AlphaSense's AI and search technology, which has significantly enhanced their investment process. Chen expressed his belief in AlphaSense's continued growth and its distinctive position in the industry.

Founded in 2011 by Jack Kokko and Raj Neervannan, AlphaSense harnesses proprietary AI and NLP technology to empower professionals with actionable insights extracted from a vast array of public and private content. This includes news, event transcripts, company filings, expert call transcripts, trade journals, and equity research.

While consumer-centric generative AI models aim for general-purpose use, AlphaSense's models combine public and private analytics data with machine learning. This unique approach allows AlphaSense to offer deep insights into business and finance analytics, aiding professionals in making critical decisions swiftly and confidently. The platform ultimately improves business performance and outcomes.

AlphaSense's presence extends across offices in the US, the UK, Finland, Germany, and India, with a team of over 1,000 professionals dedicated to revolutionizing market intelligence.

Josefina Dipaolo
Josefina Dipaolo
Content Writer at TechNews180
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