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Read and learn about the biggest companies that various countries have produced, how they made it, and what the future looks like for them. Creator-Centric AI Blockchain Project has its groundbreaking white paper, a visionary project with AI and Blockchain for the anime industry
May 27, 2024 has unveiled its white paper, outlining its ambitious project at the intersection of AI and Blockchain aimed at putting creators first. This initiative promises to revolutionize anime production by harnessing the power of AI while ensuring copyright integrity and data transparency.

The core objective of is to construct a blockchain-driven framework that addresses copyright concerns, guarantees data traceability, and fosters an ethical ecosystem that rewards creators equitably. By leveraging AI-based production tools, the project seeks to empower creators, streamline their workflows, and facilitate investments in anime intellectual property through AI Rights Assets (AIRA) and a bespoke token system.

Moreover, has introduced the "Anime Chain Initiative," a strategic move to expand the content ecosystem and provide creators with ongoing production opportunities to maximize their earnings. This initiative is built on three fundamental pillars: ensuring a secure environment for creators, tackling labor shortages in the content industry, and optimizing creator revenue streams.

Through the implementation of generative AI, coupled with blockchain-backed data recording, endeavors to not only safeguard creators' interests but also address labor shortages prevalent in the anime production landscape, particularly in Japan. The project aims to establish fair revenue sharing mechanisms between creators and rights holders, ensuring transparency and accountability throughout the content creation process.

Ultimately, the Anime Chain Initiative envisions fostering sustainable growth within Japan's esteemed entertainment sector, encompassing anime, manga, games, and VTubers. To realize this vision, the project aims to expand its network of collaborators and supporters, incentivizing their involvement through ecosystem tokens such as AIRA, thereby creating a vibrant and supportive community for creators.

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