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Australian Government Funds Innovations in Wine Industry Traceability

Australia's new traceability project is set to transform wine exports to Southeast Asia, ensuring sustainability and competitive edge
June 25, 2024

Australia’s wine sector is poised for a significant boost with a new government-backed initiative aimed at enhancing traceability and sustainability across Southeast Asian markets.

In a recent development, the Australian Government has allocated $435,000 from its Traceability Grants Program to support a pioneering project in the grape and wine industry. This initiative will focus on tracing carbon emissions throughout the supply chain linking Australia and Singapore. By utilizing advanced data-enabled traceability systems, the project aims not only to bolster confidence in the sustainability of Australian wines but also to enhance their competitiveness in key export markets across Southeast Asia.

Lee McLean, CEO of Australian Grape & Wine, expressed his enthusiasm, noting the competitive nature of the grant process and emphasizing the project’s significance in strengthening Australia's export capabilities in the current global climate.

Acknowledging the pivotal role played by the South Australian Government’s Invest SA agency, which contributed an additional $50,000 and supported the project's design, McLean highlighted the broader implications: "This project will establish robust traceability credentials for Australian wine while also building capacity within our industry, ensuring our producers remain at the forefront of global sustainability standards."

Titled ‘Tracing Carbon Emissions in an International Wine Industry Value Chain between Australia and Singapore’, the initiative will develop a secure data exchange platform. This platform will facilitate efficient monitoring and analysis of emissions, providing critical insights into environmental impact across borders.

Supported by a consortium of partners including Sustainion by Turnkey, More than Machines, Wine Australia, Amazing Web Services, Hill-Smith Wine Estates, Treasury Wine Estates, and Australian Grape & Wine, the project aims to optimize supply chains from a carbon emissions perspective. Singapore-based Sustainion by Turnkey emphasized the initiative’s potential to enhance the competitiveness of sustainably produced Australian wines on the global stage.

With the involvement of Amazon Web Services, the project underscores the transformative potential of digital technologies in achieving sustainability objectives. AWS highlighted the role of innovation in overcoming challenges related to traceability and supply chain decarbonization.

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