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Avendus Targets $300M for New PE Fund

India’s foremost investment bank for venture deals, is embarking on a quest to secure approximately $300 million
April 9, 2024

India's venture investment landscape is poised for another significant shift as Avendus, the country's leading investment bank, sets its sights on raising a substantial $300 million for its private equity arm. With a stellar track record and backing from U.S. private equity giant KKR, Avendus has been a key player in facilitating funding rounds for some of India's most promising startups, including Zepto, LensKart, and XpressBees. Now, as it gears up for its third private equity fund, Avendus aims to ramp up its investment activities, signaling a new phase of growth and opportunity in India's burgeoning startup ecosystem.

Avendus' ascent to prominence mirrors the evolution of India's startup ecosystem over the past decade. Initially seizing on the market gap left by global financial heavyweights like Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, Avendus capitalized on the growing appetite for venture investments in India. As the ecosystem matured and deal sizes swelled, Avendus emerged as a trusted advisor, navigating the complexities of the Indian market with finesse.

The decision to raise a third private equity fund underscores Avendus' confidence in the long-term potential of India's startup landscape. By writing larger checks more frequently, Avendus aims to deepen its engagement with high-growth companies and unlock new avenues for value creation. This strategic shift comes at a time when India's startup ecosystem is witnessing unprecedented interest from global investors, including SoftBank, Tiger Global, and General Atlantic, among others.

Despite the competitive landscape, Avendus has maintained its edge, leveraging its extensive network and domain expertise to drive successful outcomes for its clients. With a team of over 150 seasoned bankers, Avendus continues to lead the charge in facilitating mergers and acquisitions, providing invaluable insights and support to companies navigating complex transactions.

As Avendus embarks on its latest fundraising endeavor, the stage is set for a new chapter in India's venture investment landscape. With its proven track record and unwavering commitment to excellence, Avendus is well-positioned to capitalize on the myriad opportunities that lie ahead. As India's startup ecosystem continues to thrive and evolve, Avendus remains a steadfast partner, driving growth, innovation, and prosperity in the years to come.

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