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AWS Doubles Down on Singapore with $9B Investment

Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced on Tuesday its plans to invest an additional 12 billion Singapore dollars
May 8, 2024

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced plans to invest an additional 12 billion Singapore dollars (approximately $8.87 billion) over the next five years to expand its cloud infrastructure and services in Singapore. This significant investment aims to further strengthen AWS's presence in the Asia-Pacific region, emphasizing Singapore's pivotal role in AWS's global cloud network.

Since launching its first Asia-Pacific region in Singapore in 2010, AWS has been continuously investing in the region's cloud infrastructure and ecosystem. Priscilla Chong, country manager of AWS Singapore, highlighted that this new investment will focus on enhancing data center capabilities in the Asia-Pacific Singapore region.

"Starting with our investment in Singapore in 2010, AWS has continued to strengthen their commitment to the ASEAN region, sharing the uplift [in] digital skills across the nations, providing secure and resilient infrastructure consistently across the region," said Priscilla Chong during a recent summit.

AWS's investment in Singapore's cloud infrastructure has reached over SG$11 billion since 2010. The company has also played a significant role in upskilling the workforce, having trained over 400,000 people in cloud skills since 2017. 

The demand for cloud computing services and data centers has surged with the rise of artificial intelligence (AI). Tan Kiat How, senior minister of state at Singapore’s Ministry of Communications and Information, emphasized the importance of cloud service providers like AWS in improving the digital economy ecosystem. 

"Cloud service providers enable enterprises to easily access digital resources like compute and storage, as well as advanced capabilities like AI and generative AI," Tan Kiat How said.

As AWS expands its presence in Singapore, it aims to help more organizations in the region adopt cloud services and AI capabilities. This investment aligns with Singapore's strong momentum on digitalization, although challenges remain due to the shortage of tech professionals, not just in Singapore but globally.

AWS's significant investment in Singapore's cloud infrastructure marks a pivotal moment in the region's digital transformation journey. With this investment, AWS aims to enhance its cloud capabilities and support the growing demand for AI and cloud services in Singapore and across the ASEAN region. As AWS continues to expand its footprint in Southeast Asia, it reaffirms the region's importance in its global cloud network and its commitment to driving digital innovation and growth.

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