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Ballistic Ventures Doubles Cybersecurity Bet With $360M

Amidst upheaval at venture capital giant Kleiner Perkins, B2B luminary Ted Schlein embarked on his own venture
March 15, 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of venture capital, Ballistic Ventures emerges as a prominent player, doubling down on its commitment to cybersecurity with the closure of its second fund at a staggering $360 million. Founded by Ted Schlein, formerly of Kleiner Perkins, Ballistic Ventures initially ventured into the scene two years ago with a $300 million debut fund, setting a bold precedent in the realm of B2B investments. Now, with a second fund that exceeded its initial target, Ballistic Ventures is poised for even greater strides in the cybersecurity domain.

While some venture capitalists opt for a hands-off approach, Ballistic Ventures stands apart with its deeply engaged philosophy. Rejecting the notion of mere financial backing, the team at Ballistic Ventures takes a proactive stance, embedding themselves in the operations of their portfolio companies. This level of involvement, coupled with their extensive network and collective expertise in cybersecurity, forms the cornerstone of their strategy.

Despite being in the early stages of deploying its first fund, Ballistic Ventures has already witnessed success, notably with the acquisition of portfolio company Talon Cyber Security by Palo Alto Networks in a deal valued at $625 million. As they navigate the dynamic startup landscape, Ballistic Ventures remains focused on early-stage investments, positioning themselves as the first institutional backers to ensure maximum control and strategic advantage.

As Ballistic Ventures charts its course forward, the closure of its second fund marks a significant milestone in its journey. With a robust portfolio of cybersecurity startups and a hands-on approach that sets them apart, Ballistic Ventures is primed to continue making waves in the world of tech investment. As they prepare to embark on the next phase of their journey, the future looks promising for this trailblazing firm at the intersection of cybersecurity and venture capital.

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