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beoble & Animoca: Powering Web3 Social Revolution

Venture capital Animoca Brands just made an investment in beoble, the cutting-edge Web3 messaging and social platform
March 8, 2024

In a dynamic move set to reshape the landscape of Web3 social platforms, beoble has announced a strategic investment from Animoca Brands, a leading venture capital firm with a focus on gaming and the metaverse. This partnership signifies a pivotal moment for beoble, propelling its mission to the forefront of the global Web3 revolution.

At the heart of beoble's vision lies a commitment to harnessing blockchain technology to revolutionize user interaction, privacy, and security. By offering secure and decentralized wallet-to-wallet messaging, token-gated chatrooms, and innovative earning features, beoble is redefining the way communities engage online.

The infusion of funding from Animoca Brands will serve to accelerate the development of beoble's platform, amplifying its already impressive suite of features. With a keen eye on expansion, beoble plans to extend its reach globally, enhancing its user base and fostering a more vibrant Web3 ecosystem.

Through this strategic alliance, beoble and Animoca Brands aim to extend the benefits of beoble's advanced chat features to select companies and projects within Animoca Brands' extensive portfolio. This collaborative effort promises to unlock new realms of community engagement and interactivity across the Web3 sphere.

Sung Min Cho, CEO of beoble, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, citing Animoca Brands' unwavering support as a testament to beoble's vision and capabilities. With this strategic investment, beoble is poised to scale new heights, driving enhanced communication and collaboration opportunities for Animoca Brands' portfolio companies.

As the Web3 revolution gains momentum, innovative social media platforms are emerging as powerful alternatives to traditional networks. Platforms like Odysee, Nostr, and Mirror are leading the charge, leveraging blockchain technology to empower creators and users alike.

Odysee offers a secure environment for content monetization, challenging the status quo of centralized platforms like YouTube. Similarly, Nostr's customizable networking protocol provides encrypted messaging and self-governed accounts, catering to diverse social media experiences. Meanwhile, Mirror pioneers a new era of publishing, utilizing Ethereum and NFTs to create sustainable revenue streams for writers.

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