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Berlin's Quazy Foods Secures Over €800k for Food Sustainability with Microalgae

Berlin's culinary pioneers, Quazy Foods, have just orchestrated a funding symphony, scoring a remarkable pre-seed round
November 24, 2023

Prepare to witness the rise of a gastronomic game-changer! Berlin-based biotech startup, Quazy Foods, has not only captured the attention of global investors but has also secured a noteworthy pre-seed funding round exceeding €800k. With ProVeg InternationalAntler, and Sprout and About Ventures leading the charge, along with a roster of diverse business angels, Quazy Foods is embarking on a mission to redefine our food system. This funding injection positions the startup to make strategic hires, create initial product samples, and gear up for the pivotal pilot stage of its microalgae production.

As the global population hurtles toward an estimated 10 billion by 2050, the quest for sustainable food alternatives intensifies. Quazy Foods steps into the limelight by harnessing the power of microalgae, touted as a super-efficient, healthy, and eco-friendly source of functional ingredients. Microalgae's rapid growth outpaces both plants and animals, offering a potential solution to the impending 56% surge in food consumption predicted by the United Nations Environment Programme.

Quazy Foods, brainchild of the dynamic sibling duo Berenike Zimmer and Arvid Seeberg-Elverfeldt, is on a mission to elevate microalgae into a mainstream dietary powerhouse. The startup's innovative approach involves biomass fermentation, yielding high-quality proteins and functional compounds with exceptional land productivity and resource efficiency. These natural algae-based ingredients are poised to revolutionize the food sector by replacing traditional animal-based or synthetic alternatives, catering to the evolving preferences of today's consumers.

Quazy Foods' vision to revolutionize food sustainability has received resounding support from investors who recognize the transformative potential of microalgae. As the startup prepares to embark on the pilot stage of its microalgae production, the world watches with anticipation. With the backing of ProVeg International, Antler, Sprout and About Ventures, and a diverse group of business angels, Quazy Foods stands at the forefront of a culinary revolution that could redefine our eating habits and contribute to the global sustainability narrative. Stay tuned as this Berlin-based biotech startup paves the way for a future where the power of microalgae takes center stage in shaping a sustainable and nourishing world.

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