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Betterleap Launches AI-Powered Talent Sourcing Tool

Betterleap, innovative AI-driven recruiting platform, has just introduced a new feature: Natural Language Search (NLS)
February 23, 2024

The AI-powered outbound recruiting platform introduces its innovative natural language search (NLS) capabilities, putting the power of personalized search queries directly into the hands of recruiters.

Gone are the days of rigid search parameters and generic keyword queries. With Betterleap NLS, recruiters can simply describe their hiring needs in plain language, allowing the platform to automatically generate tailored searches. Whether it's a seasoned software engineer proficient in Python or a candidate within a specific proximity to a company's headquarters, Betterleap NLS streamlines the search process like never before.

According to Khaled Hussein, CEO and co-founder of Betterleap, this integration of NLS marks a significant leap forward in AI-driven recruiting. It's not just about generating job descriptions anymore; it's about swiftly identifying and engaging top talent tailored to each role's unique requirements. By combining NLS with advanced filters, Betterleap empowers recruiters to take talent sourcing to unprecedented heights.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Betterleap's NLS is its ability to deliver entirely personalized search results for each business. Unlike traditional filters, which often yield similar candidate lists, Betterleap's AI leverages a multitude of signals to ensure relevance. This means recruiters can discover candidates who may have been overlooked by other platforms, expanding their talent pool in diverse and unexpected ways.

Betterleap's NLS capabilities are available to all existing and new customers, seamlessly integrated within the platform. This enhancement represents a significant stride towards transforming the recruitment landscape, enabling recruiters to discover top talent faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Betterleap is not just another recruiting platform; it's a game-changer. Founded in 2020 by CEO Khaled Hussein and CPO Anna Melano, Betterleap is on a mission to redefine how recruiters find candidates. By providing intuitive tools for candidate discovery, actionable insights, and seamless collaboration, Betterleap empowers recruiters to focus on what truly matters: the people. With headquarters in San Francisco, Betterleap is poised to revolutionize the recruitment industry with its innovative approach and commitment to driving meaningful change.

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