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BlaBlaCar's €100M Credit Boost Fuels Global Expansion

BlaBlaCar revealed its acquisition of a €100 million revolving credit facility, propelling its growth agenda forward
April 4, 2024

In a move signaling its commitment to expansive growth, BlaBlaCar, the world's premier community-driven travel app, announced today the acquisition of a €100 million revolving credit facility. This funding, propelling the company's total raised capital to over €637 million, sets the stage for an ambitious trajectory ahead.

With a user base of 27 million active members annually across 21 countries, BlaBlaCar revolutionizes travel by seamlessly connecting drivers with available seats to passengers sharing the same route, effectively optimizing costs for all parties involved. The platform's innovative technology not only fosters carpooling but also integrates bus journeys from over 5,000 operators, offering travelers a comprehensive range of sustainable and cost-effective transportation options, all conveniently accessible via a single app.

Having achieved profitability over the last 24 months, BlaBlaCar embarks on a new chapter of sustainable growth, firmly rooted in its multimodal strategy aimed at curbing carbon emissions. In 2023 alone, the company's initiatives reduced the travel sector's carbon footprint by an impressive 2 million tonnes of CO2.

Nicolas Brusson, co-founder and CEO of BlaBlaCar, underscored the significance of the recent financing, stating, "This €100 million financing will enable us to pursue an ambitious growth strategy, including M&A, where we currently explore several opportunities. Combined with continuous innovation, M&A is a tool to help us achieve market leadership faster."

BlaBlaCar's success story extends beyond its core operations, with strategic acquisitions such as Ouibus in France in 2019, paving the way for the establishment of the BlaBlaCar Bus network across Western Europe. Meanwhile, in Eastern Europe and Brazil, the acquisition of Busfor and the development of an in-house bus marketplace have spearheaded the offline-to-online transition in the bus industry.

The company's stellar performance in 2023, marked by a remarkable 29% revenue growth and sustained profitability, underscores its unwavering momentum in the shared mobility sector. Notably, emerging markets like India and Brazil have emerged as pivotal hubs for BlaBlaCar's burgeoning carpooling activities.

As governments worldwide increasingly acknowledge the pivotal role of shared mobility in combating environmental challenges, BlaBlaCar remains at the forefront of driving sustainable and inclusive travel solutions. Nicolas Brusson affirms, "Shared mobility is part of the solution: BlaBlaCar has and will continue to bring this vision to everyone, individuals, companies, governments, and other stakeholders in the transition towards more sustainable and inclusive mobility."

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