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Byju’s Founder Refutes Ousting, Remains CEO

Byju Raveendran personally reassured employees this past Saturday that he still stands at the helm as CEO
February 26, 2024

Byju Raveendran, the visionary behind the edtech giant Byju’s, took to addressing concerns swirling around his leadership, firmly asserting his position as the company's chief executive. This proclamation came in the wake of shareholder deliberations that fueled speculation about his ousting. In a spirited 758-word missive, Raveendran rebuffed claims of his dismissal, citing breaches of fundamental regulatory protocols.

The shareholder consortium, including heavyweights like Prosus Ventures and Peak XV Ventures, issued a statement outlining resolutions aimed at addressing governance lapses and instigating leadership changes. These developments cast a shadow over the future trajectory of the Bengaluru-based firm, once the crown jewel of India's startup ecosystem.

Raveendran, however, contested the legitimacy of the emergency general meeting, highlighting procedural irregularities and lackluster attendance. With only a fraction of shareholders present, he deemed the meeting null and void, dismissing its purported decisions as inconsequential.

Undeterred by the turmoil, Byju’s pressed forward with its ambitious plans, recently launching a rights issue to secure vital funding. Raveendran expressed optimism in the face of adversity, citing overwhelming investor interest and a resolute belief in the company's resurgence.

While acknowledging media scrutiny and misinformation, Raveendran affirmed Byju’s commitment to integrity and refrained from engaging in a public spat. Confident in the company's resilience, he remained steadfast in his conviction that truth and transparency would prevail.

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