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August 29, 2023

Calopad Secures €4.2 Million Funding to Propel Intelligent Heat Patch Innovation

Smart Heat Patch Secures €4.2M Boost from late-seed investors and the technology fund of the Federal Office

Swiss startup Calopad has secured a substantial €4.2 million capital infusion in a remarkable leap for pain therapy, signaling a pivotal moment in the industry. The game-changing intelligent reusable heat patch has garnered backing from late-seed investors as well as the technology fund of the Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN), which supports companies crafting sustainable solutions that curtail CO2 emissions.

This resounding vote of confidence fuels Calopad's expansion beyond its native Germany, where it is set to make its debut this autumn. The horizon expands further as it ventures into international markets, marking its first foray beyond borders, with additional EU countries lined up for adoption. Bolstered by this infusion, the company is poised to accelerate its growth and introduce a smart cooling patch. Notably, the capital also lays the foundation for an impending Series A investment round.

Michael Breiter, co-founder and CEO of Calopad, expressed his gratitude for the resounding support, underscoring the significance of this backing. He remarked, “The technology fund's endorsement stands as a testament to our innovation's resonance in the market. We take immense pride in having already enhanced the lives of countless customers through our unique therapy model, alleviating pain and tension for improved quality of life.”

Calopad first introduced its eponymous heat patch in 2021, redefining pain therapy and sustainability. In a stark departure from traditional disposable heat plasters, Calopad's solution transcends chemical substances and can be used multiple times, making it an ecologically conscious choice. This innovative approach has a twofold impact: not only does it forego chemicals, but it also slashes CO2 emissions by a commendable 214 grams per application.

Simone Riedel Riley, Head of the Technology Fund Office, hailed this paradigm shift, emphasizing how Calopad's approach echoes sustainability principles. She stated, "Calopad's heat patch embodies the essence of sustainability and innovation. By offering a reusable solution, they're not just alleviating pain but also contributing to a greener future."

Founded in 2018 by Patrick Degelo and Michael Breiter, Calopad has crafted a transformative device tailored for those enduring chronic pain. Harnessing the efficacy of heat therapy, the device targets muscle regions synonymous with persistent pain, offering reprieve and comfort. Already patented or in the process of patenting across 40 countries, the heat patch also holds promise for treating inflammation-related pain in the future.

Calopad's commitment to holistic wellness extends to its comprehensive ecosystem. Beyond the innovative heat patch, the startup's offerings encompass both passive and active therapy. Anchored by an AI-driven physiotherapy app, this digital adjunct delivers customized home-based exercises targeting back, neck, and chronic pain management. This seamless fusion of technology and expertise empowers users with personalized therapeutic plans, direct access to seasoned pain professionals, and a supportive community.

Patrick Degelo, co-founder and CTO responsible for product development, pointed out the shortcomings of conventional alternatives. "Chemical patches pale in comparison, reaching only modest temperatures in fleeting intervals. Such limitations render them ineffective from a medical perspective," he highlighted.

Neil Hodgson Coyle
Neil Hodgson-Coyle
Editorial chief at TechNews180
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