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Carbon13 Ignites Global Climate Innovation with €30 Million Fund

Carbon13, the dynamic venture builder, has just dropped a game-changing bombshell, €30 million fund
January 15, 2024

In a landmark move towards combating the climate emergency, Carbon13, the trailblazing venture builder, has set the stage for transformative global impact. With the announcement of their first close on a substantial €30 million fund, Carbon13 is gearing up to spearhead climate innovation beyond borders. This initiative signifies not just a financial milestone but a commitment to abating over half-a-gigaton of CO₂ emissions, a remarkable 1% of the global total. Join us on a journey through Carbon13's groundbreaking venture and its pivotal role in shaping a sustainable future.

Stepping beyond its UK roots, Carbon13 is set to invest in six promising German startups, injecting each with a €120,000 boost. This move marks Carbon13's inaugural foray into the German market, signaling the commencement of their ambitious global expansion. The selection of these startups is poised to contribute significantly to the reduction of CO₂ emissions, aligning with Carbon13's core mission of addressing the climate crisis.

Founded in 2021 within the vibrant Cambridge tech ecosystem, Carbon13 has already left an indelible mark. Having collaborated with over 500 founders through their Venture Builder and Venture Launchpad programs, Carbon13 boasts an impressive portfolio featuring names like Kita, InfyosNiumBiozerocMaterials Nexus, and Tierra Foods. The remarkable success stories emerging from these programs underscore Carbon13's prowess in matching talent with the climate challenge.

At the heart of Carbon13's ethos is a profound belief in the transformative power of entrepreneurs in achieving Net Zero. By integrating carbon reduction into every aspect of their strategy, Carbon13 guides startups not only in scaling their business but also in scaling their impact on carbon reduction. The unique approach of investing exclusively in startups developed within their programs, such as Venture Builder and Venture Launchpad, sets Carbon13 apart.

The first six recipients from Carbon13's Venture Builder Berlin exemplify the diversity and depth of their commitment to carbon reduction. From VoltVogel's innovative EV charging service to Climalyst's carbon capture and storage solutions, and Point2Hectare's agritech unlocking the potential of biochar, Carbon13 is fostering a range of impactful innovations. Noteworthy additions include Hoop Solar, Mardeca, and, each contributing in distinct ways to the overarching goal of reducing global carbon emissions.

Carbon13's announcement of the €30 million fund is not just a financial feat; it's a testament to their dedication to fostering a new era of climate-conscious entrepreneurship. With a proven record of impactful collaborations and a vision that extends beyond borders, Carbon13 emerges as a catalyst for change in the fight against climate change.

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