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Cathedral Studios Raises $6.66M for Indie Horror Game

UK-based indie game developers celebrated the closure of a Seed funding round, securing an impressive $6.66M
March 21, 2024

Get ready for a thrilling journey into the world of indie gaming as Cathedral Studios, a UK-based game development powerhouse, unveils its latest milestone: the successful closure of a Seed funding round, amassing an impressive $6.66 million.

Comprising a talented team hailing from acclaimed titles like Far Cry, Borderlands, and Assassin's Creed, Cathedral Studios is on a mission to redefine gaming experiences through immersive narratives and captivating gameplay.

Leading the charge is their much-anticipated horror game, The Bornless, set in the mysterious town of Farmouth, where players confront the chilling fusion of demonic entities and mortal realms.

Toby Saunders, CEO of Cathedral Studios, enthuses about their ambitious venture, stating, "With The Bornless, we're not merely entering the horror FPS market; we're elevating it."

Fueling this visionary endeavor is a strategic investment led by Arca, accompanied by notable industry players such as Hartmann Capital and LiquidX. Sasha Fleyshman from Arca expresses confidence in Cathedral Studios' potential to revolutionize the horror gaming landscape, citing their impeccable execution and innovative approach.

This influx of funds is earmarked for expanding the studio's talent pool and accelerating the development of Cathedral Studios' groundbreaking projects, promising a thrilling future for gamers worldwide.

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