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October 30, 2023

Changing B2B Digital Mental Health with €1.5M from Berlin-Based Likeminded

The Berlin-based pioneer in B2B digital mental health, has secured an extra €1.5 million in seed funding

In a bid to enhance its groundbreaking digital mental health solutions, Berlin's Likeminded has secured an additional €1.5 million in seed funding, building on the €5.9 million it recently raised. This latest investment, brought in by Berlin-based VC fund IBB Ventures and family office N & V Capital, propels the total funding closed in the seed round to an impressive €7.4 million.

Likeminded, founded in 2020 by Maximilian Heberger, Kimberly Breuer, Stefan Anca, and Josu García de Albizu, has a noble mission: to provide accessible mental health support through a digital platform. This resonates with companies striving to nurture resilient and thriving teams while combatting overwork and burnout.

The Likeminded platform offers corporate employees swift, convenient, and secure access to a spectrum of high-quality mental health services. These include individual sessions with psychotherapists, coaches, and psychologists, enlightening webinars, group sessions, on-demand resources, and more.

The importance of mental health has taken center stage, heightened by the global mental health crisis brought into sharp focus by the COVID-19 pandemic. Ute Mercker, Investment Director at IBB Ventures, acknowledges Likeminded's resonance with the evolving work landscape, where remote work and increased personal responsibility have become the norm. According to Mercker, "entrepreneurial success depends heavily on the health of employees."

Reto Näscher of N & V Capital shares the sentiment, underlining the critical role Likeminded plays in fostering the well-being of employees and the fight for top talent in the workforce. He believes that Likeminded's platform will not only become a leader in Germany but also on the international stage.

Maximilian Heberger, co-founder and co-CEO of Likeminded, echoes this vision, emphasizing that the additional funding will enable them to extend their vital mental health solution to more individuals. Their platform promises substantial returns for companies, including reduced sick days, improved productivity, and enhanced employer branding.

Neil Hodgson Coyle
Neil Hodgson-Coyle
Editorial chief at TechNews180
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