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September 28, 2023

Circular Jewelry Revolution Finematter Secures €2.6 Million in Seed Funding

Finematter on a mission to change both the creation and consumption of jewelry by fostering and eco-conscious practices

The allure of gold, often associated with timeless elegance, extends beyond its lustrous appearance. Gold is infinitely recyclable without losing its quality, making it an eco-conscious choice in jewelry making. Surprisingly, despite this recyclability, a significant portion of the world's gold supply goes unused. Reports indicate that less than one-third of global gold is currently recycled. But Finematter, a London-based circular online marketplace dedicated to revolutionizing the jewelry industry, is on a mission to change that.

Finematter is spearheading a movement that encourages eco-friendly practices in both jewelry creation and consumption. The platform envisions a world where jewelry making and buying align with sustainability and environmental responsibility. Their approach combines innovation, inclusivity, and transparency to drive positive change in the real jewelry sector.

Recently, Finematter achieved a significant milestone by announcing the second close of its seed round, securing a total of €2.6 million in funding. This round attracted support from distinguished tech founders and industry veterans, as well as angel investors like Heini Zachariassen (Vivino), Christine de Wendel (Zalando/Sunday), Jeppe Rindom (Pleo), Dino Patti (Playdead/Jumpship), Peder Micheal Pruzan-Jørgensen (Pandora’s Sustainability board), and existing shareholder Heartcore Capital. Impressively, nearly half of the investors involved are female, emphasizing the platform's commitment to inclusivity.

Beyond financial backing, Finematter's seed round has brought onboard invaluable expertise from seasoned experts. This support will enable the company to strengthen its platform, expand its network of jewelers, and contribute to the ongoing transformation of the jewelry industry towards circularity.

Caroline Chalmer, Founder & CEO of Finematter, expressed her enthusiasm, saying, “We are absolutely thrilled and grateful to be backed by such an incredible group of investors. They, as we do, believe that we have a unique opportunity to create a category-defining company, which can make a difference for the many thousands of independent creatives in the jewelry industry, as well as a blueprint for a truly circular business model. This funding will enable us to further develop our platform, expand our network of jewelers, and create a lasting impact on the circularity of the jewelry space.”

Founded in 2021 by Caroline Chalmer in London, Finematter is more than just an online marketplace—it's a bridge connecting customers with over 150 independent jewelers worldwide. The platform empowers customers to order, repair, remodel, and recycle real jewelry. It grants them access to collaborate with some of the world's most skilled but often undiscovered jewelers. These jewelers, hailing from cities like London, Copenhagen, New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Amsterdam, Rome, Stockholm, and Zurich, undergo rigorous vetting by Finematter to ensure their talent and craftsmanship.

When customers place an order on Finematter, they are not just purchasing jewelry; they are embarking on a unique journey. Each piece is meticulously crafted by the chosen jeweler specifically for the customer, preserving the essence of bespoke craftsmanship. Committed to circular principles, every jewelry transaction on the platform is accompanied by a digital certificate. This certificate serves as a comprehensive record of the jewelry's entire life cycle, promoting circularity and sustainability.

Finematter's innovative approach represents a pivotal shift in the jewelry industry, aligning it with eco-conscious values, inclusivity, and a sustainable future.

Josefina Dipaolo
Josefina Dipaolo
Content Writer at TechNews180
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