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Clarity Pediatrics Raises $10M Funding Round

Clarity Pediatrics reduce the wait time for diagnosis and beginning ADHD therapy from many months to a couple of days
April 22, 2024

Raising children diagnosed with or suspected of having ADHD can be incredibly challenging for parents. These children may struggle with completing schoolwork, easily grow frustrated, and experience tantrums.

Unfortunately, due to a nationwide shortage of psychologists, parents often face significant delays in getting a diagnosis and beginning therapy for their children. In some cases, it can take nearly a year to receive professional help. Moreover, the high cost of treatment, which can amount to thousands of dollars annually for out-of-network care, adds to the burden.

Enter Clarity Pediatrics, a chronic care startup founded in 2021, aiming to revolutionize ADHD therapy for children. Clarity Pediatrics promises to drastically reduce the wait time for diagnosis and therapy from several months to just a couple of days, all for an average $15 co-pay per session.

The company's unique approach involves conducting 8-week group therapy sessions for parents of newly or previously diagnosed children, rather than providing individual therapy to the children themselves. This approach, known as behavioral parent training (BPT), is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics for families of children aged five to 12 with mild-to-moderate ADHD. BPT equips parents with strategies and skills to help their children focus in school and manage emotional outbursts.

Clarity Pediatrics has already provided online care to thousands of families in California over the last 18 months. With a recent $10 million seed funding round led by Rethink Impact, and participation from Homebrew and Maverick Ventures, Clarity plans to expand its services to other states in 2024.

While Clarity is not the only startup addressing the shortage of therapists for children, its focus on ADHD therapy sets it apart. However, the company has broader ambitions. While currently concentrating on ADHD treatment for children aged five to 12, Clarity intends to offer healthcare services for low-complexity pediatric chronic conditions such as asthma, allergies, and obesity in the future.

Led by CEO and co-founder Christina LaMontagne, who previously served as the chief operating officer at Pill Club, and co-founder Dr. Alesandro Larrazbal, a pediatrician trained at UCSF and Stanford, Clarity Pediatrics is poised to make a significant impact on pediatric healthcare. With investments from January Ventures, Vamos Ventures, Alumni Ventures, Citylight VC, and others, Clarity Pediatrics is well-positioned to address the growing need for specialized pediatric care.

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