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Clean Food Group Secures £2.3M Funding Boost

Clean Food Group's Biotech Breakthrough Gets £2.3M Boost from Key Players for its biotech platform
By Josefina Dipaolo
August 16, 2023

In a resounding testament to its groundbreaking innovation, UK-based biotech frontrunner Clean Food Group has successfully secured a substantial £2.3 million in funding. This injection of capital from key players, including Doehler Group and Alianza Team, marks a pivotal moment for Clean Food Group as it charts an ambitious trajectory.

The company's momentum is undeniable, with stalwart supporters Agronomics and SEED Innovations Ltd reaffirming their commitment by participating in this funding round. An enticing glimpse into the future reveals that Clean Food Group is poised to undertake a Series A funding in 2024, setting the stage for even more dynamic advancements.

The funds will serve as a catalyst for the commercialization of Clean Food Group's innovative technology platform, which harnesses the power of proven yeast and fermentation techniques in conjunction with food waste. The result? A potent array of sustainable alternatives to conventional oil and fat ingredients poised to disrupt the norms of the culinary and cosmetic landscapes.

This ambitious endeavor is fortified by collaboration agreements with Alianza Team and Doehler Group. The latter partnership is strategically engineered to fast-track the firm's fermentation process to commercial scalability. It will also facilitate the production of crucial product batches, essential for securing regulatory approvals in cosmetics and food domains.

Clean Food Group's CEO Alex Neves reflects on the rapid strides made by the business over the past year. He underscores the significance of this funding round, which stands as a resounding validation of their journey to tackle pressing sustainability and supply chain challenges for food and cosmetic manufacturers. The path forward is illuminated, as Clean Food Group positions itself to propel its technology to new commercial heights, navigate regulatory landscapes, and forge valuable partnerships.

As the biotech venture moves steadfastly towards its impending Series A round, the groundwork laid by this funding surge positions Clean Food Group as a harbinger of transformative change in the pursuit of sustainable, innovative solutions. The impact of their technology holds the promise of reshaping industries and creating a lasting legacy for generations to come.

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