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August 16, 2023

Coachbetter Secures $2.9M Seed-Plus Investment to Drive Innovation

SportTech Start-Up Scores $2.9M to Democratize Coaching Tech

Pioneering SportTech startup, Coachbetter, is celebrating a significant milestone as it announces the triumphant conclusion of a $2.9 million Seed-Plus investment round. Spearheaded by luminaries such as Brighteye Ventures and ZEN11Holding, the investment pool boasts an array of seasoned investors, with notable names like DAZN Group Executive Vice Chairman John Gleasure joining the ranks. The roster of supporters also features illustrious figures from the global football arena, with 2018 FIFA World Cup champion and former Premier League star Steven Nzonzi lending his endorsement to the cause.

The dynamic fusion of technology and football has inspired Coachbetter's vision, striving to democratize digital coaching education and innovative tech solutions across the sport. "Our exhilaration knows no bounds as we embrace the unwavering support of our newfound strategic partners, alongside the steadfast commitment of our existing backers, including the Swiss Founders Fund (SFF). Our mission is to revolutionize football team management and coaching education across all echelons, with an unwavering dedication to fulfilling the needs of our valued users," exclaims Patrick Patzig, Co-founder & CEO of Coachbetter.

Amid this flourishing venture, Alex Spiro Latsis, Founding Partner at Brighteye, adds his voice to the chorus of enthusiasm. "Brighteye takes immense pride in championing the Coachbetter team as they continue their trajectory of growth. It's not just their field expertise and ardor that impressed us, but their palpable traction and a rich portfolio of established customers and partners. We're confident that this fresh influx of funds will catalyze their expansion into thrilling new football markets."

Coachbetter's ambition centers on a technological renaissance that redefines conventional communication, team management, and coaching education. By leveraging purpose-built and contemporary technologies, they have engineered an extraordinarily user-friendly platform that caters to coaches, players, clubs, and associations across all tiers. The esteemed German football journal Kicker dubs this groundbreaking platform "Coaching 3.0." The platform's hallmark lies in its ability to streamline daily coach activities, delivering unprecedented simplicity in football. Coachbetter's suite of features spans from session and match-day planning to player development, enriched with crucial data, statistics, and video analysis. In a strategic twist, the app also integrates communication tools that connect coaches, players, and parents seamlessly.

The startup's impact is already tangible, with a multitude of football clubs in the USA, UK, and German-speaking regions reaping its benefits. Noteworthy entities such as Borussia Dortmund, Miami Rush, and the Austrian Football Federation stand as testaments to Coachbetter's efficacy. Empowered by the fresh infusion of capital from the recent funding round, Coachbetter is poised to propel international expansion and further cultivate innovative technology accessible to every participant in the game.

With a resolute focus on user-centric solutions and a dynamic integration of tech and tradition, Coachbetter is rewriting the playbook for the future of football. As they stride confidently toward their vision, it's clear that this startup's influence is destined to resonate far beyond the pitch.

Josefina Dipaolo
Josefina Dipaolo
Content Writer at TechNews180
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