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CoLumbo Raises €2.2M, Seeks More for AI Spine Solutions

A exclusive AI algorithm for MRI spine analysis, proudly holding FDA clearance along with CE mark and TGA certification
February 19, 2024

In a significant move poised to redefine the landscape of medical imaging, CoLumbo, the Varna-based software, has recently secured a substantial €2.2 million investment. With an innovative AI algorithm tailored for MRI, CoLumbo has garnered FDA clearance, a CE mark, and TGA certification, distinguishing itself as a pioneer in the field. Now, as it sets its sights on expansion into key markets like the USA, Australia, and Japan, CoLumbo is inviting investors to participate in its journey of revolutionizing healthcare outcomes.

CoLumbo, at the forefront of AI-driven medical diagnostic software, is raising an additional €200,000 to further bolster its lumbar spine solutions. This extension of its Late Seed funding round, now available for retail investors on SeedBlink, presents a unique opportunity to be part of a transformative venture in the realm of radiology.

Backed by leading investors such as New Vision 3 Fund, Sofia Angels Ventures, Eleven Ventures, and prominent angel investors, CoLumbo's vision has garnered substantial support within the investment community. Yordan Zarev, Partner at New Vision 3 Fund, underscores the belief in CoLumbo's exceptional technology and its potential to reshape healthcare outcomes globally.

Demonstrations with live customers have showcased CoLumbo's ability to significantly improve radiologist efficiency, enhance diagnostic accuracy, and streamline workflow through automated segmentation and measurement. With a growing clientele across Europe and a robust business model focused on B2B subscriptions, CoLumbo is positioned for exponential growth.

Nedelcho Georgiev, CEO of CoLumbo, emphasizes the pivotal role investors play in driving innovation forward. As CoLumbo gears up for the launch of CoLumbo V2 and expands its capabilities in CT Modality, the company aims to achieve €2 million in annual recurring revenue by Q2 2025. With plans to establish a corporate presence in the US, CoLumbo is poised to capitalize on the burgeoning global spinal imaging market.

In an era where technological advancements are reshaping every facet of healthcare, CoLumbo stands at the forefront, pioneering transformative solutions in medical imaging. As it embarks on its next phase of growth and innovation, CoLumbo invites investors to join them on SeedBlink, shaping the future of radiology and revolutionizing patient care worldwide.

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