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August 22, 2023

Communion's Innovative Approach to Building Wealth

London-based fintech, founded by ex-Habito CEO Daniel Hegarty, Communion Unleashes 'Financial Buffer' App, Raises £2.5M

In fintech innovation, a fresh player has emerged, ready to revolutionize how individuals approach their financial well-being. Communion, a dynamic newcomer to the scene, introduces a novel concept: a 'financial buffer against the world,' aptly termed the F.U.nd. This revolutionary notion encapsulates Communion’s ethos of empowering users to cultivate financial security in an uncertain world.

At its core, Communion's app houses an easy-access savings account fortified by FSCS protection. But this is just the beginning. The platform's allure lies in its multifaceted approach, seamlessly integrating habit formation, behavior change training, and access to a dedicated team of Money Guides. The brainchild of founder and CEO Daniel Hegarty, formerly associated with Habito, Communion aims to redefine people’s relationship with money, fostering autonomy and minimizing fear in financial matters.

Hegarty echoes the brand's mission, stating, “We believe everyone has the ability to take control of their money and build a buffer against the world, so long as they’re given the right conditions, tools, and support to do so." Communion emerges as a beacon of hope, providing the necessary ingredients to reshape how individuals navigate their financial landscapes.

With a spotlight on the challenges faced by the younger generation, Communion's impact becomes even more palpable. The company's internal research has uncovered a startling statistic: 94% of individuals aged 18 to 40 have experienced money-related anxiety. The modern world's intricate financial dynamics have led one in four of these individuals to grapple with daily money worries. It's within this context that Communion unveils its '12-step wealth-building plan,' designed to mend the fractured relationship between individuals and their finances.

Communion's rise is accompanied by noteworthy financial backing. A recent Pre-seed funding round, spearheaded by Target Global, has injected £2.5 million into the London-based fintech venture. This funding consortium boasts Uncommon Creative Studio and angel investors Erin Lantz, Greg Marsh, and Max Rofagha. Dr. Ricardo Schäfer, a partner at Target Global, affirms the significance of Communion's mission, underscoring its relevance against the backdrop of a cost-of-living crisis and escalating concerns about the nation's financial future.

As Communion sets its sights on reshaping financial narratives, it embarks on a journey that transcends conventional fintech offerings. In a world characterized by economic volatility and widespread money anxiety, Communion’s holistic approach emerges as a beacon of empowerment, steering individuals towards financial resilience and greater control. The F.U.nd concept not only encapsulates a revolutionary tool but signifies a transformative leap towards fostering confidence and addressing the UK's advice gap. In Communion, the path to financial strength is reimagined, offering a refreshing solution to the challenges of our times.

Neil Hodgson Coyle
Neil Hodgson-Coyle
Editorial chief at TechNews180
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