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October 17, 2023

Convious Secures $9M Extension for AI-Driven Theme Park Innovation

An Amsterdam-based trailblazer in AI-driven e-commerce, a dynamic player in the leisure industry

Amsterdam-based Convious, a trailblazing AI-driven e-commerce platform in the leisure industry, is celebrating a significant boost to its mission with an additional $9 million in Series A funding. This investment follows its impressive $12 million Series A round, which was initially secured in 2021. Thanks to this latest extension, the total value of the Series A round, incorporating both debt and equity, now stands at an impressive $20 million.

Venture capital and private equity firm Wille Finance took the lead in this investment round, affirming their commitment to growing companies that set new standards in life sciences and software. Orbit Capital, a growth-stage investor with a track record of scaling up European digital and tech-enabled enterprises, also participated in this funding round.

Convious, a Dutch startup established in 2017 by Camiel Kraan, has earned its reputation for pioneering an AI-powered platform that's set to revolutionize visitor experiences in theme parks. Their platform, accessible via an onsite mobile app, seamlessly integrates various operations such as retail, crowd management, and marketing.

At its core, Convious leverages the power of AI algorithms and data analysis to offer personalized offers, real-time ticket pricing, and a frictionless ticket-buying experience for visitors. Remarkably, more than 10% of theme parks in the UK have already adopted Convious to elevate conversion rates and boost overall revenue. Furthermore, over 125 companies across 16 countries, including renowned names like SnowWorld and Plopsa Group, have eagerly embraced Convious to drive visitors to their attractions.

Camiel Kraan, the visionary founder and CEO of Convious, expressed his enthusiasm for the future, saying, "This funding extension will allow us to continue to innovate at the rapid pace that we have become renowned for. We represent a selection of the biggest names across the theme park, museum, zoo, and aquarium sectors and will continue to evolve our platform based on the needs of the market for all venue types, sizes, and global locations."

Cyril Petit, a tech investor VC at Wille Finance, added his thoughts, "We are happy to join Convious as a new investor and to support the company throughout its next development phase. We are joining an innovative and passionate team that strives to transform the offline entertainment industry through technology. We believe in the company’s vision and are looking forward to seeing how Convious will continue to contribute to the future of the industry."

Lukas Macko, principal at Orbit Capital, recognized Convious as a leading Attraction Management System poised to make its mark among large and mid-market experienced economy operators. Macko applauded Convious for its remarkable growth and progress in recent years and highlighted its comprehensive suite of modules, ranging from bookings and sales management to operations planning, as a testament to its capabilities.

In a rapidly evolving leisure and entertainment sector, Convious is uniquely positioned to tackle the industry's emerging challenges, bolstering operations and revenue. With this substantial funding, Convious stands ready to continue its technological innovation journey, ensuring that the future of the experience economy remains vibrant and dynamic.

Josefina Dipaolo
Josefina Dipaolo
Content Writer at TechNews180
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