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Damon Lee: Steering Epsilon Telecommunications into a New Era

Damon (Young Seok) Lee steps into the role of Group Chief Executive Officer at Epsilon Telecommunications
February 2, 2024

Epsilon Telecommunications, a leading global interconnectivity provider under KT Corp., is ushering in a new chapter with the appointment of Damon Lee as its Group Chief Executive Officer. With nearly three decades of telecommunications expertise, Lee steps into this role poised to drive Epsilon's worldwide expansion and strategic direction.

Lee, a seasoned industry veteran, brings a wealth of experience from his tenure as Vice President in KT's Enterprise Business division. His leadership acumen and deep understanding of the telecommunications landscape position him to optimize Epsilon's business strategy and foster international growth.

In his new capacity, Lee is tasked with enhancing Epsilon's financial performance through data-driven strategies while forging stronger collaborations with KT Corp. His vision extends to empowering Epsilon's clients to penetrate the Korean market and facilitating seamless global connectivity for KT's customers through Epsilon's network.

Sang Ki Lee, Chairman at Epsilon Telecommunications, expressed confidence in Lee's ability to steer the company toward greater success, underscoring his proven track record in driving growth strategies.

Lee's appointment follows the departure of former CEO Michel Robert, who led Epsilon through a period of remarkable expansion across key markets. With Lee at the helm, Epsilon is poised to capitalize on its global presence and capitalize on burgeoning opportunities in the connectivity landscape.

Lee himself is optimistic about the prospects, citing Epsilon's robust portfolio and global footprint as strong foundations for future growth. His objective is to build upon these strengths, drive profitability, and foster a collaborative culture to propel Epsilon to new heights of success.

With a background spanning strategic roles at KT and prior experience at Honeywell, Lee brings a multidimensional perspective to his new role. Armed with a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering, Lee's expertise positions him as a driving force behind Epsilon's evolution in the telecommunications arena.

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