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September 6, 2023

Danish Startup Secures €2M Pre-Seed Funding to Simplify Backend Development Simplifying Backend and Kubernetes for Developers makes it easier for developers to deploy and scale

In a tech landscape where building and managing backend applications compatible with Kubernetes can be a formidable challenge, Danish startup emerges as a game-changer., with its developer-centric open-source platform, has raised €2 million in pre-seed funding, marking one of Denmark's largest-ever pre-seed rounds.

For software developers, navigating the complexities of Kubernetes while building scalable backend applications has been a formidable task. Enter, a Danish startup that has devised an innovative solution.'s open-source platform is tailor-made to empower developers in crafting scalable backends with ease. The company's recent pre-seed funding success, backed by venture capital firms byFounders, Dreamcraft, NP-Hard Ventures, and a consortium of smaller venture funds and business angels, underscores its potential.'s mission is clear: to simplify the arduous process of backend development. In a tech world where DevOps and infrastructure knowledge is a precious but limited resource, offers a lifeline. The platform is built on Kubernetes, enabling software developers to accelerate backend development while bypassing the intricacies that often hinder progress.

Anders Johnsen, co-founder of and former developer at Uber and Google, elaborates, "With our platform, developers accustomed to working with Kubernetes can maintain control and save significant time, while those less familiar can dive in without grappling with complexity."

Aarhus-based, founded in early 2023 by Anders Johnsen and Thor Christensen, boasts a team with a rich background in both Danish and international software companies. Their open-source platform empowers developers by simplifying the process of building scalable backend and cloud infrastructure.'s approach allows developers to focus more on coding the business-critical components of their software, streamlining the development journey.

Kubernetes is a cornerstone of cloud infrastructure for over 5.6 million developers worldwide. takes the flexibility and scalability of Kubernetes and marries it with a developer-centric approach, set to redefine software infrastructure. The platform offers a comprehensive suite, including a Dashboard, CLI, and CI/CD pipelines, seamlessly integrating with GitHub Actions.'s vision is to set a new standard for software infrastructure capable of scaling to serve millions of users.

Neil Hodgson Coyle
Neil Hodgson-Coyle
Editorial chief at TechNews180
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