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Danti's Earth Data Search Engine Soars with $5M Funding

Danti, an AI company on a mission to revolutionize Earth data analysis, has teamed up with tech investor Shield Capital
May 3, 2024

Danti, an artificial intelligence company pioneering a superpower search engine for Earth data, has secured the backing of prominent defensive tech investor Shield Capital to expand its technology for government clients.

Founded by Jesse Kallman in early 2023, Danti has developed a natural language search engine for data traditionally locked in silos, such as satellite imagery, integrating it with commercial and government sources to provide comprehensive insights across multiple domains.

This innovative search engine allows analysts to pose complex questions in simple language, such as "What are the latest tank movements in Eastern Ukraine?" and receive concise answers aggregated from various data sources.

According to Kallman, Danti's goal is to enhance the productivity of analysts. While adversaries of the United States are increasing manpower to analyze vast amounts of data, Danti aims to enable one analyst to do the work of 10 or 15. For instance, a relatively straightforward question, like the location of a specific ship off the coast of Lagos, Nigeria, can be answered in seconds rather than hours.

"We're not replacing the analysts," Kallman clarified. "We're helping them work much faster so they can focus on synthesizing information and making decisions."

One of Danti's early clients is the U.S. Space Force, which uses Danti's product to facilitate data search and sharing for officers. The natural language models integrated into the search engine provide an intuitive and user-friendly experience, essential in high-pressure situations where analysts must make quick decisions with limited time.

While currently focused on government clients, Danti plans to introduce a commercial version of its product in the future. This version will concentrate on property records, parcel information, and risk data to cater to markets such as electric utilities and insurance. Customers will also have the option to integrate their own data into Danti's engine for natural language processing queries.

The recent $5 million funding round, led by Shield Capital, along with participation from existing investors Tech Square Ventures, Humba Ventures, Leo Polovets, Space.VC, and Radius Capital, will enable Danti to execute its government go-to-market strategy and expand its engineering team. Since last summer, the team has grown to over twenty members, with plans for further expansion with the new funding.

Danti's partnership with Shield Capital marks a significant step in scaling its AI-powered Earth data search engine for government applications. With its innovative technology, Danti aims to revolutionize data analysis, empowering analysts to make faster, more informed decisions in high-pressure situations.

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