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Deel Snaps Up Munich's Zavvy: HR Services Power Move

Paris-based HR giant Deel, valued at $12 billion, is acquiring Munich's Zavvy, an AI-driven "people development"
February 29, 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of HR services, consolidation emerges as a prevailing trend, with major players acquiring innovative startups to bolster their offerings and streamline customer experiences. The latest move in this dynamic arena sees Deel, the renowned $12 billion HR giant based in Paris, acquiring Zavvy, an AI-driven "people development" startup headquartered in Munich.

Deel, known for its payroll and HR solutions tailored for distributed workforces, aims to enhance its platform by integrating Zavvy's advanced tools for personalized career progression, training, and performance management. This strategic merger reflects Deel's commitment to catering to both distributed and non-distributed workforces, with plans to infuse AI capabilities across its expanded service portfolio. Additionally, Deel has announced that its Deel HR tool, previously free for organizations with up to 200 users, will now be available "free" for all existing customers, regardless of size.

With a customer base of over 25,000 organizations, ranging from tech giants like Reddit and Shopify to renowned brands like Nike and Red Bull, Deel's acquisition of Zavvy underscores its dedication to offering comprehensive HR solutions to a diverse clientele.

While financial details remain undisclosed, sources indicate that the acquisition price surpassed Zavvy's previous valuation of nearly $16 million, highlighting Deel's strategic investment in expanding its capabilities. Notably, the acquisition stemmed from Deel's initial partnership proposal to Zavvy, underscoring the alignment of their visions and goals.

For Deel, this acquisition comes amidst a period of significant growth, with annual recurring revenues exceeding $400 million and profitability achieved since September 2022. Flush with over $600 million in funds, the company remains focused on its trajectory, with IPO plans on the horizon for 2025/2026.

Born out of Y Combinator just five years ago, Deel's evolution aligns with the transformative shift towards remote work catalyzed by the global pandemic. While the past year has presented challenges, both Deel and Zavvy remain optimistic about their synergistic partnership and the opportunities it presents for innovation and growth in the HR services landscape.

As the tech ecosystem continues to adapt to the realities of today's remote work environment, the acquisition of Zavvy underscores Deel's commitment to staying at the forefront of HR innovation and delivering value to its diverse customer base.

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