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Delta Green Secures €2.2M for Grid Balancing Innovation

Czech energy trailblazer, Delta Green, secured €2.2M in funding, propelling its mission to revolutionize grid stability
May 28, 2024

In a significant development for the energy sector, Czech startup Delta Green has secured €2.2 million in funding to revolutionize the integration of renewable resources into the grid. With a mission to maintain grid stability while harnessing renewable energy sources at scale, Delta Green's innovative approach aims to transform the traditional energy landscape.

By aggregating households into a virtual battery, Delta Green enables seamless integration into grid balancing efforts. This not only ensures stability but also opens avenues for substantial savings or earnings for participating households annually. Through efficient management of electricity consumption and production, Delta Green seeks to disrupt the billion-euro market currently dominated by fossil fuel power plants.

Jan Hicl, co-founder of Delta Green, outlined the strategic allocation of funds towards software development, expansion into Western Europe, and team augmentation. With a successful pilot test already underway, Delta Green anticipates full deployment of its grid balancing solution by year's end.

The funding round, led by Tilia Impact Ventures and supported by Credo Ventures and Purple Ventures, underscores the industry's confidence in Delta Green's vision. Andrew Gray, General Partner at Tilia Impact Ventures, emphasized the critical role of innovative solutions like Delta Green in advancing renewable energy adoption and reducing electricity costs.

As Delta Green prepares to introduce its service to Czech households and expand across Europe, co-founder David Brožík highlighted the scalability potential, envisioning the management of hundreds of megawatts. With a focus on replacing fossil fuel sources with untapped household electricity, Delta Green is poised to drive sustainable energy transformation while optimizing grid efficiency.

As the world seeks greener energy alternatives, Delta Green emerges as a pioneering force, reshaping the future of energy generation and consumption with its innovative grid-balancing solutions.

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