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February 12, 2024

DUDE CHEM secures €6.5M for eco-friendly pharma

With the new funding injection, DUDE CHEM plans to bolster its scientific roster and relaunch its inaugural product

The landscape of chemical processes has remained relatively stagnant for decades, relying heavily on outdated manual methods that contribute to both inefficiency and environmental harm. In a groundbreaking development, a Berlin-based startup has recently secured €6.5 million in seed funding, marking a significant leap forward in the pursuit of sustainable chemical and pharmaceutical production.

Led by VC firms Vorwerk Ventures and b2venture, along with a consortium of other notable investors, this funding round underscores a growing commitment to revolutionize the industry. The startup, known as DUDE CHEM, aims to bolster its scientific team and enhance its innovative product line to support one of Europe's leading generic drug producers.

With patented manufacturing processes designed to significantly reduce CO2 emissions and waste, DUDE CHEM is poised to drive a paradigm shift toward more environmentally friendly practices. By leveraging a network of manufacturers across Europe, the company seeks to redefine pharmaceutical production, bringing critical infrastructure back to the continent while minimizing environmental impact.

Founded by a team of visionary scientists in 2021, DUDE CHEM draws upon extensive expertise in green chemistry and chemical data science. Rooted in the esteemed scientific cluster of excellence at the University of Technology Berlin, the company's technology represents a culmination of decades of research and innovation.

"Our vision is to position Europe as a global leader in chemical-pharmaceutical production, ensuring the resilience and sustainability of our supply chains," remarks Sonja Jost, co-founder and CEO of DUDE CHEM. "Through our innovative approach, we aim to demonstrate that environmental responsibility and cost-efficiency can go hand in hand, fostering a more sustainable future for all."

The endorsement from investors like Dr. Dominik Steinkühler of Vorwerk Ventures and Anna Bosch of b2venture underscores the industry's recognition of DUDE CHEM's transformative potential. With a steadfast commitment to sustainability and cutting-edge technology, DUDE CHEM is poised to redefine the future of chemical production on a global scale.

Neil Hodgson Coyle
Neil Hodgson-Coyle
Editorial chief at TechNews180
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