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September 25, 2023

Dutch Edtech Powerhouse Lepaya Secures $38M to Transform Upskilling with AI

Dutch edtech trailblazer is leading the charge, armed with a $38M investment that promises revolutionize the power of AI

In an era where unemployment rates hover near record lows, fostering internal talent has become a strategic imperative for organizations striving to maintain their competitive edge. As technological shifts and evolving economic dynamics reshape the employment landscape at an unprecedented pace, companies are increasingly focusing on skills as the new currency of their workforce, seeking the necessary support for this transformative journey.

Addressing this challenge head-on, Dutch edtech startup Lepaya is bridging the gap between emerging skill demands and organizational readiness, forging a path where businesses flourish in the face of change.

Today, this provider of essential soft skills training has secured a monumental $38 million in funding, marking the most substantial investment in the education sector thus far in 2023. This financial boost follows Lepaya's acquisition of three companies and its successful $40 million Series B funding round in 2021, bringing its total funding to an impressive $80 million.

The investment was spearheaded by Endeit and joined by prominent partners such as Educapital, Mars Growth Capital, and Liquidity Capital, alongside existing investors Target Global and Mediahuis Ventures.

With this newfound capital infusion, Lepaya is poised to accelerate the development and market presence of its AI-driven capability development platform. Key areas of focus include enhancing AI tools like AI-coach, which tailors learning content to individual learners' contexts and career levels.

Lepaya's strategic investment aligns with the mounting demand for insights into the skills of the current workforce and the identification of skill gaps. Furthermore, the company will intensify its efforts in advancing skills data analysis, enabling organizations and their leaders to tap into deeper skills intelligence.

Endeit Capital's Edwin Hengstmengel remarked, "It's impressive how Lepaya managed to engrain its platform as a core part of its client's upskilling DNA, and we are very excited to be part of the continued journey."

Educapital's Jonathan Denais highlighted the platform's unique ability to not only identify skill gaps but also provide a scalable means for enterprises to upskill their workforce, ultimately nurturing internal talent.

René Janssen, co-founder at Lepaya, emphasized, "The rapid developments in AI allow us to provide organizations and the world with what we always had envisioned, and individual employees with what they deserve: a deeply personal insight into skill gaps and a truly contextualized way to bridge them—by combining the best artificial and human intelligence and taking care of all the complex operations surrounding global upskilling programs."

Founded in 2018 by René Janssen and Peter Kuperus in Amsterdam, Lepaya seamlessly blends artificial and human intelligence to ensure employees acquire the skills essential to their effectiveness and productivity in their daily work.

By offering the right training, precisely when needed and targeted to the right skill sets, the platform not only enhances organizational productivity but also fuels overall business growth. Lepaya's comprehensive solution revolves around elevating talent retention and productivity through a holistic capability platform that integrates online, offline, and virtual reality training.

Josefina Dipaolo
Josefina Dipaolo
Content Writer at TechNews180
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