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Dutch Startup QuantaMap Secures €1.4M for Quantum Chip Production

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, the Netherlands has taken center stage as a quantum powerhouse
By Josefina Dipaolo
December 8, 2023

Embarking on the cutting edge of quantum technology, the Netherlands has emerged as a hub for quantum research, with startups dedicated to unlocking the potential of this revolutionary field. In the spotlight is QuantaMap, a Dutch quantum technologies startup that just clinched €1.4 million in early-stage funding. What's their mission? To revolutionize the production of quantum computer chips, bringing us closer to harnessing the full power of quantum computing.

Quantum computing holds the promise of tackling challenges deemed insurmountable by current technologies, spanning material research, drug discovery, logistics, and beyond. However, the complexity of quantum chips and their unpredictable performance pose significant roadblocks to scalability. QuantaMap steps into this quantum landscape with a vision to enhance chip production.

Led by Dutch quantum fund QDNL Participations, along with a grant from the Quantum Delta NL foundation, QuantaMap's funding is earmarked for technology development and scaling production capabilities. The startup aims to address a critical issue: the lack of diagnostic tools to understand and improve quantum chip quality.

QuantaMap introduces a groundbreaking microscope designed to scrutinize each quantum chip meticulously. CEO Johannes Jobst describes it as a finely tuned compass for quantum researchers and manufacturers navigating uncharted quantum territories. What sets QuantaMap apart is its fusion of cryogenic scanning technology with quantum sensors tailored for quantum applications.

Traditional metrology solutions in this space fall short, either disrupting qubits during measurement or risking damage to the chip during imaging. QuantaMap's approach involves imaging local temperature rise, electric currents, and magnetic fields at the nanometer scale, all at low temperatures to maintain chip operating conditions. Jobst asserts that their unique sensors, intellectual property, and quantum-first approach give them a significant edge over emerging competitive techniques.

Founded in November 2022, QuantaMap has quickly become a trailblazer in quantum chip diagnostics, addressing a vital challenge in the industry. The startup envisions becoming the cornerstone of chip R&D and quality assurance in the quantum computing sector, setting the standard for optimal qubit performance. Beyond quantum, QuantaMap sees potential in helping the traditional semiconductor industry embrace cryogenic computing technology in data centers. As QuantaMap pioneers this quantum journey, the €1.4 million funding marks a crucial step towards realizing the promises of quantum computing, making societal advances powered by quantum technology a tangible reality. The road ahead is exciting, and QuantaMap invites collaboration, actively seeking new development partners and launching customers in academia and industrial R&D labs eager to be at the forefront of this transformative technology.

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