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EarliTec Diagnostics Secures $21.5M for Autism Innovation

Securing $21.5 million in its Series B round, the startup was propelled forward by co-leaders Nexus NeuroTech Ventures
April 8, 2024

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) affects approximately one in 36 children in the United States, emphasizing the critical need for early diagnosis and intervention. Addressing this challenge head-on, EarliTec Diagnostics, based in Atlanta, has secured fresh capital to expand its groundbreaking system aimed at diagnosing autism in children as young as 16 months old. With a pioneering FDA-authorized approach utilizing artificial intelligence, EarliTec's technology offers a rapid and accurate assessment, potentially transforming the landscape of autism diagnosis.

The recent $21.5 million Series B funding round, co-led by Nexus NeuroTech Ventures and Venture Investors, underscores the growing recognition of the importance of early autism detection. Currently employed by eight clinicians across six states in the U.S., EarliTec's technology represents a significant leap forward in streamlining the diagnostic process. CEO Tom Ressemann highlights the system's efficiency, contrasting its concise 12-minute test with the traditional, time-consuming assessments that clinicians typically rely on.

EarliTec plans to utilize the newly raised funds to further commercialize its technology and explore avenues for extending the age range of children it can diagnose. By investing in research and development, the company aims to enhance assessment accuracy and broaden treatment options, ultimately improving outcomes for children with autism spectrum disorder.

Ressemann's observations reflect a shifting landscape in investor interest, with a growing number of venture capital firms recognizing the significance of autism-focused healthcare solutions. The recent success of funds like the Autism Impact Fund and the emergence of specialized investment vehicles like Nexus NeuroTech Ventures signal a promising trend in the industry. Notable startups in the field, including Cortica, Forta, and Opya, have already demonstrated the potential for impactful innovation in autism treatment and support.

As awareness of autism spectrum disorder continues to grow, fueled by advancements in research and increased understanding of its prevalence, investor interest in supporting solutions like EarliTec's diagnostic technology is on the rise. The convergence of healthcare innovation and financial backing holds the promise of not only driving returns for investors but also making significant strides in improving the lives of individuals affected by ASD.

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