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February 15, 2024

Earlybird Health Amplifies Impact with €173M Fund

The Germany-based powerhouse just unveiled the grand finale of its second fund, hitting an impressive €173 million mark

Breaking new ground in European healthcare investment, Germany-based Earlybird Health has sealed the deal on its second fund, amassing a staggering €173 million (approximately $185 million). This hefty sum, more than double the size of its predecessor Health I, sets the stage for a transformative journey in bolstering healthtech innovation across the continent.

With a strategic focus on Europe, including the U.K., Earlybird Health's expanded financial arsenal spells promising prospects for the region's healthtech startups. Amidst the aftermath of Babylon's downturn, these fresh funds inject a much-needed lifeline, empowering startups to scale and thrive.

Yet, Earlybird Health's vision transcends mere digitalization. Embracing a holistic approach to healthcare, the fund's investment horizon spans medical devices, diagnostics solutions, R&D tools, and biopharma ventures. Already, Earlybird Health's maiden fund tasted success with the IPO of Oculis, affirming its prowess in nurturing groundbreaking ventures.

Venturing into uncharted territory, Earlybird Health welcomes esteemed partners onboard. British Patient Capital, a flagship entity of the British Business Bank, joins the league of visionary limited partners, alongside stalwarts like BARMER, a leading German health insurance provider. This strategic alliance not only augments financial backing but also fosters invaluable insights and synergies, propelling portfolio companies towards unprecedented growth trajectories.

Thom Rasche, Partner at Earlybird Health, underscores the pivotal role of health insurers as catalysts for innovation. This symbiotic relationship paves the way for tailored solutions that resonate with patient needs, steering healthcare into an era of unparalleled transformation.

Empowered by a dynamic team and cutting-edge AI tools like Eagle Eye, Earlybird Health charts a course towards greater efficacy and inclusivity in deal sourcing and due diligence. Christoph Massner, Principal at Earlybird Health, anticipates a surge in efficiency, bolstering the fund's capacity to unearth hidden gems and drive impactful investments.

In essence, Earlybird Health's monumental fund closing heralds a new chapter in European healthcare innovation—a testament to its unwavering commitment to catalyzing positive change and fostering a healthier future for all.

Josefina Dipaolo
Josefina Dipaolo
Content writer at TechNews180
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