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September 4, 2023 Secures €2.5M Seed Funding to Drive Innovation

Revolutionizing Data Initiatives: Finnish AI Startup Tackles the Culture Challenge to Elevate Data Project Success

In a digital landscape where data initiatives often grapple with delivering tangible business value, a notable Finnish AI startup,, emerges as a beacon of change. Unveiling a striking insight, a recent Gartner study reveals that a staggering 80% of data projects struggle to translate into real-world impact. But here's the twist: technology isn't the primary roadblock; it's culture. Over 90% of Chief Data Officers identify culture as the key impediment to extracting value from data endeavors., founded with a vision to reframe data product design and collaboration, sets out to reshape this narrative. This promising startup positions itself to lead the market by fostering innovation in data collaboration tools. An intriguing development underscores this mission as raises €2.5 million in a pivotal seed funding round. The investment drive, co-led by Newion and Crowberry Capital, signals a significant stride in's journey toward revolutionizing the data landscape. gears up to introduce novel workflows that democratize data product design and collaboration. The objective is to make accessible to a broader spectrum within organizations, equipping them with the means to effortlessly craft impactful data products. The startup stands committed to empowering its users, helping data teams rapidly comprehend and validate their product concepts.

Johannes Hovi, CEO and Co-founder of, articulates the essence of their approach: "In the realm of the Modern Data Stack, there's an array of tools for automation, construction, and documentation of data architecture. Yet, the percentage of data projects yielding substantial returns remains unchanged. Our conviction is that truly productive data products emanate from human-centric perspectives, organizational culture, and the drive to foster collaboration."

Describing's vision, Hannu Järvi, CSO and Co-founder, likens it to "Figma for data teams." This collaborative platform mirrors the popular design tool's essence but tailors it to suit large-scale data undertakings. seamlessly blends template-based brainstorming workflows, seamless integrations with complementary tools, and the user-friendliness inherent in modern collaboration platforms. The result? A seamlessly connected, readily shareable, and secure ecosystem that thrives on effective collaboration.

This unconventional yet impactful approach resonates with investors. John Sjölander, Partner at Newion, remarks, " caught our attention with their unique perspective on the data. Prioritizing human needs over computational requirements, they stand ready to democratize data utilization within enterprises—a prospect that truly excites us."

Jenny Ruth Hrafnsdottir, Founding Partner at Crowberry Capital, shares in this excitement, noting, " stands out in the data sphere with their determination to reshape how businesses navigate their data ventures. Their mission aligns seamlessly with our commitment to backing startups that redefine industry norms."

Launched in Helsinki in 2019 by Jari Jaanto and Johannes Hovi, envisioned a future where businesses gain clearer insights into their data product needs before investing in extensive data pipelines. Their technology-driven Data Product Design workflow facilitates heightened collaboration between enterprises and data teams, promising to break through past limitations. The startup's rapid growth is evident through its over 50 enterprise customers worldwide, validating the significance of its innovative approach.

Neil Hodgson Coyle
Neil Hodgson-Coyle
Editorial chief at TechNews180
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