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November 20, 2023

Empathy Meets Innovation: Siena AI Raises $4.7M for E-commerce Customer Service

A cutting-edge AI venture, born from the visionary minds of Romanian entrepreneurs, disrupting the e-commerce landscape

In a tech-savvy twist, US-based Siena AI, founded by dynamic Romanian entrepreneurs Andrei Negrau and Lisa Popovici, is making waves in the e-commerce realm. Securing a substantial $4.7 million investment from a consortium of investors, including Sierra Ventures, Parri Passu Ventures, and Village Global, Siena AI is set to redefine customer service through its groundbreaking autonomous AI platform.

Founded in 2022, Siena AI is no newcomer to the e-commerce scene. With nine years of industry experience, Negrau and Popovici, both second-time founders in conversational commerce, embarked on a mission to integrate human empathy seamlessly with intelligent automation. This investment propels Siena's vision forward, aiming to pioneer the world's first Empathic AI customer service platform.

Looking ahead to Q1 2024, Siena is set to launch the Siena AI Academy, a knowledge hub designed to empower teams in seamlessly integrating AI into their customer service workflows. With courses like "Building an AI Agent 101," "Emotional Intelligence in AI," and "The CX Metrics that Matter," the academy is poised to be a game-changer in AI education.

Siena's autonomous AI chat platform takes the reins, autonomously handling up to 80% of customer interactions across a spectrum of languages and channels. From email to social DMs and comments, Siena transforms the customer service landscape for mid-market and enterprise e-commerce businesses, generating revenue, automating support tickets, and slashing response and resolution times.

With a dynamic remote team spanning the globe, Siena collaborates with numerous e-commerce brands, making waves in beauty, health, nutrition, food and beverage, and fashion. Brands like Kitsch, Simple Modern, Verb, and K18 have already harnessed the power of Siena's innovative AI solutions.

In the words of Andrei Negrau, Co-founder and CEO of Siena, "Our recent funding enables us to continue pushing the boundaries by making empathic AI the very backbone of modern CX. This pivotal moment marks not just an expansion but a redefinition of the customer service industry."

Josefina Dipaolo
Josefina Dipaolo
Content writer at TechNews180
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