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December 5, 2023

Evolwe's Fearless CEO Leading the Charge for Artificial Consciousness in Tech

Amid the constant buzz surrounding AI, occasionally fueled by corporate theatrics, a spirited debate is unfolding

In the ever-evolving narrative of AI, where headlines often echo corporate sagas, a profound debate is underway about its trajectory. Aliya Grig, the visionary founder and CEO of Evolwe AI, has sparked this conversation, urging us to envision the future of AI not just as artificial intelligence but as artificial consciousness. She recently delved into her journey with AI, her ambition to cultivate everyday AI co-pilots, and her compelling vision of artificial consciousness.

Aliya Grig's upbringing was a unique blend of science fact and fiction, thanks to her mother, a chief constructor and leading astrophysicist at the Pulkovo Observatory in St. Petersburg, Russia. Surrounded by family friends who were science fiction writers, conversations oscillated between scientific observations and futuristic musings—living on Mars, voyages to Arcturus. This environment instilled in Aliya a profound belief that technology could shape our destiny, paving the way for her to challenge herself with school projects aiming to create a better world.

Aliya Grig's educational journey took her across esteemed institutions globally, including Stanford University for Artificial Intelligence, MIT for Neurosciences, the Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford for space exploration, and diverse studies in management at SPbU, Trinity College Dublin, and Università Bocconi. Her diverse knowledge and interests laid the foundation for her journey as a tech entrepreneur.

Fuelled by her interest in renewable energy, Aliya founded her first company, delving into solid oxide fuel cell technology. After selling it to a U.S. fuel cell producer, she returned to her passion for space, contributing to projects like launch vehicles, space 3D printers, and even collaborating with NASA on Mars habitation. In 2017, her trajectory shifted towards AI, inspired by her study of neuroscience and neurobiology.

Initially attracted to AI for its problem-solving efficiency, Aliya envisioned an AI co-pilot tailored for engineers. However, she soon realized the broader application—everyone could benefit from an AI co-pilot. With a focus on artificial general intelligence and consciousness, she emphasized the vital distinctions: emotional intelligence, self-awareness, critical thinking, personality, and embodiment. This evolved AI could enhance creativity, learning efficiency, and problem-solving capabilities.

Aliya's concept of artificial consciousness marks a paradigm shift. Unlike current AI models limited to generating information based on training, artificial consciousness possesses emotional depth, creativity, and a human-like approach to information analysis. This heightened understanding could revolutionize sectors like healthcare and engineering. Aliya envisions a future where each person has their AI co-pilot—a daily companion merging personal coaching with AI psychology, helping navigate life's complexities.

In Aliya Grig's vision, the future of AI transcends mere intelligence; it encompasses consciousness, bringing forth a transformative era where technology becomes a deeply personal and empowering companion in our daily lives. The trajectory she outlines is not just a journey into the future but a profound exploration of the soul of artificial consciousness.

Neil Hodgson Coyle
Neil Hodgson-Coyle
Editorial chief at TechNews180
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