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February 6, 2024

Ex-Blue Origin Leaders' Moon Startup Secures New Funding

Former Blue Origin executives and dedicated to lunar resource extraction, has covertly secured substantial funding

In the clandestine world of space startups, a company led by former Blue Origin luminaries is making waves. Interlune, shrouded in secrecy but with a lofty mission to extract resources from the moon, has quietly secured a significant injection of funding, shedding light on its ambitious endeavors.

Interlune, operating under the radar for over three years, has secured a hefty $15.5 million in new funding, with plans to round out the total to $17.5 million. The startup, tight-lipped about its operations, has refrained from commenting on the recent development.

This funding round marks the first public disclosure of Interlune's financial activity since its modest $1.85 million seed round in 2022, highlighting the company's deliberate approach to publicity.

Much of what is known about Interlune stems from revelations made by its CTO, Gary Lai, during a rare appearance at Seattle's Museum of Flight last October. Lai hinted at Interlune's groundbreaking mission to harness lunar resources for terrestrial use, emphasizing sustainability and efficiency in resource extraction.

Backed by industry heavyweights, Interlune is helmed by Rob Meyerson, a seasoned aerospace executive with a distinguished tenure at Blue Origin. Meyerson's leadership, coupled with the expertise of aerospace engineer Gary Lai, underscores the startup's formidable potential in the burgeoning space economy.

Insights into Interlune's technology emerge from a National Science Foundation grant abstract, which outlines the company's focus on sorting lunar regolith for resource utilization. This core technology holds promise for diverse applications, from oxygen extraction to 3D printing, laying the groundwork for a sustainable in-space economy.

Interlune's endeavors align with a broader trend in the space industry, with an increasing emphasis on in-situ resource utilization (ISRU) driven by NASA's Artemis program. The imperative to establish a self-sustaining presence on the moon underscores the significance of ventures like Interlune in advancing space exploration.

As Interlune charts its course towards unlocking the moon's vast resources, the startup stands at the forefront of innovation in space technology. With financial backing and a stellar team at its helm, Interlune epitomizes the spirit of exploration and collaboration, poised to redefine humanity's relationship with the cosmos.

Josefina Dipaolo
Josefina Dipaolo
Content writer at TechNews180
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