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Eyebot Secures $6M for Fast Eye Exams

Eyebot's state-of-the-art kiosks, powered by advanced AI technology, with a recent $6 million funding round
June 7, 2024

For millions, getting a new pair of glasses or contact lenses is a tedious process, often involving lengthy waits for appointments with optometrists. But what if you could get your prescription in just 90 seconds, without the hassle of scheduling an appointment? That's the vision behind Eyebot, a groundbreaking startup aiming to transform the eye care industry.

Imagine walking up to a sleek kiosk in your local shopping center or pharmacy, pressing a button, and within moments, having your eyes scanned by cutting-edge computer vision technology. This is the promise of Eyebot, set to launch its innovative self-serv, vision-testing terminals across New England starting this October.

Founded by Matthias Hofmann, a seasoned expert in tomography and former engineer at EyeNetra, Eyebot is poised to disrupt the traditional eyecare model. Unlike smartphone-based solutions, Eyebot offers a fully automated experience, eliminating the need for complex user interactions. Users simply stand in front of the unit, and the technology does the rest.

Eyebot's kiosks deliver finalized prescriptions within 24 hours, courtesy of teledoctors, making it convenient for consumers to update their eyewear. For a nominal fee of $30, users can access their prescription, and for those opting to purchase glasses from partner brands, the eye exam is free. With FDA registration in place, users can trust the accuracy and reliability of Eyebot's technology.

But the innovation doesn't stop there. Eyebot is forging partnerships with major eyewear retailers, offering them a unique opportunity to showcase their brands in high-traffic locations like CVS, Walgreens, and college campuses. By providing a seamless shopping experience directly from the kiosk or via smartphone, Eyebot aims to revolutionize how consumers access eyewear.
The startup's vision has attracted significant investor interest, culminating in a $6 million funding round led by AlleyCorp and Ubiquity Ventures, with participation from other prominent investors. With expansion plans on the horizon, Eyebot is poised to reshape the eyecare landscape, offering consumers unprecedented convenience and choice in selecting their eyewear.

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