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August 4, 2023

FeelBetter Raises $5.9M to Revolutionize Medication Management for Patients

Redefining medication management for complex patients. AI-powered solutions for better care

Meet FeelBetter, the Boston- and Tel Aviv-based pioneer of Pharmaco-Clinical Intelligence, taking on the challenges of suboptimal medication management among patients with comorbidities who take multiple drugs. The company has recently secured $5.9 million in funding, with Firstime Ventures and Shoni Health leading the investment round, joined by Random Forest VC, The Group Ventures, and existing investor Triventures.

The new funds will fuel FeelBetter's expansion in the US, enhancing their solution to empower healthcare providers to deliver personalized, proactive care while optimizing medication management. This innovative solution, driven by AI and machine learning capabilities, empowers healthcare professionals to ensure patients' medication regimens are safe, effective, and appropriate.

Liat Primor, FeelBetter's CEO and Co-Founder, expressed gratitude for the investors' support, stating, "This round and vote of confidence from world-class teams validate the need for and potential of our Pharmaco-Clinical Intelligence. It addresses the global health challenge of suboptimal medication management."

FeelBetter's Pharmaco-Clinical Intelligence synthesizes and analyzes healthcare data from multiple sources, identifying high-risk patients and preventing hospitalizations due to medication issues. The solution proactively suggests interventions to reduce risks and aids healthcare providers in monitoring patient progress. By using FeelBetter, healthcare organizations can allocate resources more efficiently, better serving patients while minimizing preventable, costly healthcare utilization.

With the backing of prominent investors and a comprehensive AI-driven solution, FeelBetter is poised to significantly impact medication management for patients worldwide.

Josefina Dipaolo
Neil Hodgson-Coyle
Content Writer at TechNews180
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