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Figma Halts AI Feature Amid Apple Controversy

Figma's CEO, Dylan Field, has made the decision to temporarily suspend its latest AI feature following backlash
July 8, 2024

This week, Figma’s CEO Dylan Field announced the temporary suspension of the company’s "Make Design" AI feature. Unveiled at the annual Config conference, this tool was designed to generate UI layouts and components from text prompts. However, it faced backlash for allegedly being heavily trained on existing apps, notably mimicking the layout of Apple’s Weather app.

In other news, YouTube has implemented a new policy allowing users to request the removal of AI-generated or synthetic content that simulates their face or voice. This shift reflects YouTube’s growing concern over deepfakes as a privacy issue rather than just a content moderation problem.

Electric vehicle maker Fisker is seeking approval from the Delaware Bankruptcy Court to sell its remaining inventory of Ocean SUVs. If granted, the sale would see the vehicles offloaded to a New York-based leasing company for around $14,000 each, a significant drop from their initial $70,000 price tag.

- Twitter Meets MySpace for Gen Z: A new app called noplace is bringing back the essence of MySpace with colorful, customizable profiles. It’s rapidly climbing the App Store charts.

- Avoiding AI-Powered Scams: Generative AI has made online scams more sophisticated and convincing. Our guide provides tips to protect yourself and your loved ones.

- Disabling Video Call Reactions: If you’re tired of thumbs-ups and confetti on your screen during video calls, here’s how to turn off this feature on Apple devices.

- Amazon Retires Astro for Business: Amazon has decided to discontinue its Astro for Business security robot just seven months after its launch to focus on the home version.

- Roll20 Data Breach: The popular online tabletop and role-playing game platform suffered a data breach, exposing some users’ personal information. Notifications are being sent out to affected users.

- Cloudflare Fights AI Bots: Cloudflare has introduced a free tool to prevent bots from scraping websites on its platform for data to train AI models.

- Gemini's AI Performance Questioned: Despite Google’s claims of Gemini AI’s advanced capabilities, new research suggests the models aren’t living up to the hype.

- 2024's Biggest Data Breaches: From AT&T to Ticketmaster, this year has seen some massive data breaches. We cover the most significant ones of 2024 so far.

- A Year of Threads: Meta’s Twitter alternative, Threads, just turned one year old. With 175 million monthly active users, it's still finding its niche. Ivan Mehta reflects on its journey and future challenges.

- Supreme Court’s Impact on Tech Regulators: In a landmark decision, the Supreme Court overturned the 1984 Chevron v. Natural Resources Defense Council case. Devin Coldewey discusses how this ruling could lead to increased interference with tech industry regulators.

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