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February 1, 2024

Finance for Nature, Cultivo's Mission to Regenerate

Cultivo, a public benefit corporation, has secured a monumental $14 million in Series A funding

Welcome to the forefront of environmental finance, where innovation meets impact. In a world increasingly aware of the vital link between economic prosperity and nature's well-being, California-based Cultivo emerges as a trailblazer, dedicated to accelerating investment in nature restoration.

Picture a financial landscape where the value of a living tree surpasses that of its timber. This paradigm shift is at the heart of Cultivo's mission—to redefine the narrative surrounding natural capital and unlock the potential for transformative change.

With a recent injection of $14 million in Series A funding, Cultivo embarks on a journey to amplify its AI-driven platform. This cutting-edge technology serves as a conduit, connecting greenfield projects with forward-thinking investors eager to make a difference. From carbon removal to biodiversity enhancement and water conservation, Cultivo's platform mobilizes capital to drive tangible ecological impact.

In a strategic alliance with Octopus Energy Generation, Cultivo charts a course to deploy up to $40 million into natural capital projects spanning North America, Europe, and Australasia. This partnership underscores a shared commitment to sustainability and heralds a new era of collaboration in environmental finance.

Founded in 2019 by James Clifton and Manuel Pinuela, Cultivo boasts a formidable pipeline of projects spanning over 100 million hectares—equivalent to double the land size of California. These initiatives hold the potential to remove over 3 Gigatons of carbon dioxide, a feat on par with the EU's annual carbon emissions.

Fuelled by satellite technology and proprietary algorithms, Cultivo empowers investors to navigate the natural capital landscape with precision. Through strategic partnerships with NGOs and land partners, Cultivo orchestrates holistic investment structures that deliver triple-bottom-line returns—financial, natural, and social.

Dr. Manuel Piñuela, CEO and Co-Founder of Cultivo, underscores the significance of this funding milestone, emphasizing the growing recognition of natural capital's investment potential. As Cultivo continues to pave the way for nature-based solutions, partnerships with MassMutual Ventures and Octopus Energy Generation propel the mission forward, driving meaningful change on a global scale.

In the words of Timothy Krysiek, Managing Partner of the Climate Technology Fund at MassMutual Ventures, Cultivo's approach aligns seamlessly with the urgent need for scalable climate solutions. Likewise, Alex Brierley of Octopus Energy Generation highlights Cultivo's tech-led approach as a catalyst for positive environmental impact.

Josefina Dipaolo
Josefina Dipaolo
Content writer at TechNews180
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