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Firecell Ignites 5G Revolution with €6.6M Boost

5G—a game-changing solution primed to revolutionize connectivity in rigorous industrial settings
March 26, 2024

In the era of digital transformation sweeping through French factories, the adoption of wireless communication remains surprisingly low, accounting for a mere 3% of total communications. However, a beacon of innovation emerges with Firecell's groundbreaking 5G solution, poised to revolutionize connectivity in demanding industrial environments. With the promise of reliable, secure, and high-performance stability, Firecell is set to redefine industrial networking, offering a streamlined pathway towards Industry 4.0.

Founded in 2021, Firecell sets forth on a mission to expedite return on investment for enterprises by streamlining the deployment of 5G networks and reducing overall costs. With a steadfast commitment to security, Firecell ensures unparalleled protection through native communication encryption and seamless compatibility with modern industrial terminals.

Today marks a significant milestone as Firecell announces the successful completion of a €6.6 million Seed round in equity. Ventech and Matterwave Ventures lead the investment, joined by Bpifrance's Digital Venture fund and Bouygues Telecom Initiative, underscoring the industry's confidence in Firecell's transformative potential.

Firecell's innovative approach extends beyond mere connectivity, offering a comprehensive suite of features tailored for industrial demands. Strategic partnerships with renowned manufacturers and the optimization of 5G technologies to operate on standard servers democratize access to advanced networking solutions. Notable clients including SNCF, Airbus, and Thales testify to Firecell's prowess in empowering industrial giants on their journey towards digital maturity.

The infusion of funds will propel Firecell's evolution, paving the way for the development of new products with enhanced features such as geolocation and cyber-attack protection. Expansion plans across Europe, particularly in Germany, signal Firecell's commitment to spearheading the industrial 5G revolution on a global scale.

As Firecell embarks on its ambitious trajectory, the completion of the Seed round marks a pivotal moment in the company's journey. With unwavering support from investors and industry partners, Firecell stands poised to redefine industrial connectivity, ushering in an era of heightened efficiency and innovation. Claude Seyrat, co-founder and CEO of Firecell, expresses gratitude for the overwhelming support, underscoring the company's commitment to delivering cutting-edge connectivity solutions to meet evolving industry needs. With the backing of Ventech, Matterwave Ventures, and Bouygues Telecom Initiative, Firecell charts a course towards reshaping the future of industrial networking, one breakthrough at a time.

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