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November 29, 2023

Flow48 Raises $25M to Revolutionize SME Financing and Expand Fintech Offerings

Picture Triver, iwoca, and the latest rising star, Flow48, as the caped crusaders reshaping the lending landscape

In the intricate dance of economic fluctuations, UK high street lenders have often left SMEs yearning for capital during downturns. However, a wave of innovative London-based startups has risen to bridge this gap, offering tailored lending solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises. Among these, the spotlight now shines on Flow48, a UAE-born fintech making waves in London, determined to reshape SME financing. Today, the company announces a triumphant $25 million in pre-Series A funding, a testament to its commitment to inclusive, real-time lending solutions with a special focus on minority and women-led businesses.

Founded by Idriss Al Rifai in 2022, Flow48 isn't just another fintech; it's a disruptor with a purpose. The platform, now based in London, utilizes cutting-edge fintech to extend a helping hand to SMEs, especially those led by minorities and women. The $25 million funding round, a mix of equity and debt, boasts an impressive lineup of investors, including Speedinvest, Daphni, Blockchain Founders Fund, and more. This financial infusion is set to catapult Flow48 into new heights, empowering SMEs and expanding its financial service offerings to insurance, payments, and beyond.

Flow48's ambitions extend beyond London's cityscape. With plans to venture into South Africa, a region ripe with SME lending potential and a thriving fintech ecosystem, the startup is poised to make waves. The strategic expansion aligns with Flow48's commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles, aiming to contribute to a more equitable economic environment. The fintech envisions not only being a catalyst for SME growth but also a beacon of inclusivity and diversity in the business landscape.

As Flow48 secures a substantial $25 million in funding, the fintech is not merely adding zeros to its balance sheet; it's scripting a narrative of empowerment and innovation in SME financing. The road ahead is paved with expansion into new services, a venture into South Africa, and a steadfast commitment to ESG principles. In the world of fintech, Flow48 stands as a beacon of change, offering not just financial solutions but a blueprint for a more inclusive and equitable economic landscape. As the company continues to rewrite the rules of SME financing, the $25 million funding round is more than an investment; it's a bet on a future where financial empowerment knows no bounds.

Josefina Dipaolo
Josefina Dipaolo
Content writer at TechNews180
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