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July 17, 2023

Foraged: US Online Marketplace for Wild Foods Secures $2.7M

Foraged secures $2.7M funding with backing from Bessemer Venture Partners, Yelp, StubHub, Shopify, and Fiverr

Foraged, the US-based marketplace revolutionizing the accessibility of wild and specialty foods is empowering small-scale producers while nourishing everyday people with naturally occurring delicacies. In an exciting development, Foraged has secured $2.7 million in seed funding, led by Bessemer Venture Partners and backed by industry luminaries like Jeremy Stoppelman, Eric Baker, Harley Finkelstein, and Micha Kaufman. With this funding milestone, Foraged is poised to further enhance its platform, delivering a seamless and robust marketplace experience for both buyers and sellers.

In a world where sustainable and naturally sourced foods are gaining traction, Foraged has emerged as a pioneering force. By connecting independent farmers and foragers with consumers, Foraged creates a marketplace where people can easily access and enjoy wild and specialty foods while supporting small-scale producers.

Recently, Foraged achieved a significant milestone by securing $2.7 million in seed funding. Bessemer Venture Partners, renowned for their investments in transformative companies like ANYbotics and DriveNets, spearheaded the funding round. Notably, prominent industry leaders such as Jeremy Stoppelman (Yelp co-founder and CEO), Eric Baker (StubHub co-founder), Harley Finkelstein (Shopify President), and Micha Kaufman (Fiverr founder and CEO) also participated, highlighting the immense potential and value that Foraged brings to the market.

With this funding injection, Foraged's total raised capital amounts to an impressive $3 million. The company has ambitious plans to leverage this investment in enhancing its suite of tools and features, ensuring an even more seamless and robust platform for both buyers and sellers in the online marketplace. By constantly improving user experiences and streamlining operations, Foraged aims to redefine the way people connect with sustainable, locally-sourced food.

Founded in 2021 by Jack Hamrick and Andy Conner in Washington, D.C, Foraged provides consumers with an end-to-end solution for purchasing wild and specialty foods directly from independent foragers and farmers. Through Foraged, buyers gain access to a turnkey solution that handles everything from shipping perishable goods to secure payment processing via Stripe. Additionally, the platform offers a convenient mobile app, enabling easy communication with customers, product photo uploads, and streamlined local pickups.

The phenomenal growth of Foraged is evident from its impressive performance. Last year, the company witnessed an astounding 400% revenue growth from customers spanning all 50 states, Washington D.C., and Puerto Rico. Furthermore, the number of repeat customers has soared by over 1,000% annually, showcasing the strong appeal and trust that Foraged has established within its user base.

Foraged's recent seed funding of $2.7 million cements its position as a trailblazer in the sustainable food market. By empowering small-scale producers and delivering an exceptional online marketplace experience, Foraged is reshaping how people access and enjoy wild and specialty foods. With support from Bessemer Venture Partners and influential industry leaders, Foraged is well-equipped to enhance its platform and continue its mission of connecting consumers with local, sustainable food sources. As Foraged thrives in the competitive market, its remarkable revenue growth and expanding customer base validate its compelling value proposition and commitment to a more sustainable and accessible food ecosystem.

Josefina Dipaolo
Josefina Dipaolo
Content Writer at TechNews180
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