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Fotokite Soars: Investment Boost Fuels Global Expansion

Fotokite AG, a trailblazing Swiss and US-based company announcing its latest Series B funding round of around CHF $10M
April 15, 2024

Fotokite, a pioneering Swiss and US-based scale-up specializing in fully autonomous tethered UAVs for firefighting and public safety teams, is soaring to new heights with the successful closure of its latest Series B financing round. Securing approximately CHF 10 million ($11 million) in investments, Fotokite is primed to accelerate its growth trajectory, bolster research and development efforts, and expand its global footprint.

Leading the charge in this investment round is Carbyne Equity Partners, a private equity firm renowned for its investments in burgeoning European businesses. Joining forces with existing investors such as Swisscanto Private Equity Growth I and Credit Suisse Entrepreneur Capital Ltd., Carbyne Equity Partners expresses enthusiasm for Fotokite's innovative technology and seasoned leadership, aligning seamlessly with the company's mission to provide first responders with cutting-edge equipment tailored for their critical missions.

With this infusion of capital, Fotokite solidifies its standing as the premier provider of actively-tethered drone technology for emergency response teams. Renowned for their effectiveness and reliability in high-stakes scenarios, Fotokite's solutions empower first responders with advanced aerial capabilities, enhancing situational awareness, streamlining search and rescue operations, and ultimately, saving lives.

The recent investment not only fortifies Fotokite's position but also propels its expansion efforts, enabling the company to broaden its public safety customer base, tap into new market opportunities, introduce additional product features, and scale up operations. With operations now spanning across six continents, Fotokite's global reach underscores its commitment to making a profound impact in helping emergency response teams worldwide save lives and safeguard communities.

In a statement reflecting the company's excitement and gratitude, Bart Slager, CEO of Fotokite, remarks, "We are thrilled to announce the successful completion of our latest funding round, marking a significant milestone for our company. This investment underscores confidence in our vision and the value of our autonomous solutions for first responders. With our expanded resources and global reach, we are poised to make an even greater impact in helping emergency response teams save lives and protect communities around the world."

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